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Chinese Consulate General in Losangeles: coordination of all parties to search and rescue Guo Chuan – Sohu news is a solo sailing sailing across the Pacific Chinese professional sailing player Guo Chuan lost contact in the waters near Hawaii. Chinese Consulate General in Losangeles, 26, told reporters on the China News Agency, the consulate attaches great importance to the United States has been the first time the United States Coast Guard and search and rescue agencies, requiring them to do their best to search and rescue. China News Agency reporter an exclusive Chinese from the Consulate General in Losangeles was informed that the consulate received yesterday afternoon Guo Chuanan team lost to the news about Guo Chuan, continuous work day and night, to coordinate search and rescue. The Consulate General has been in contact with the U.S. Coast Guard and the relevant search and rescue organization for the first time in Hawaii, asking them to do their best to rescue them. Currently, the search and rescue operations by the Chinese maritime sector and the U.S. Coast Guard led. U.S. search and rescue aircraft have been found in the ship, but did not find lost contact personnel. The United States Coast Guard has sent navy ships to coordinate the site of the incident. Chinese Consulate General in Losangeles told News Agency reporters, the consulate has maintained ties with the United States Coast Guard, local search and rescue agencies and Guo Chuanan team, always pay attention to and to promote the progress of the search and rescue. This year, 51 year old Guo Chuan, Qingdao, Shandong, known as the first Chinese professional sailing". He has received many honors in the world famous sailing events, such as "the first person to complete the Volvo world sailing race", "the first solo sailing across the English Channel of the Chinese people" and so on. Beijing time 5:24 on October 19th for 11 seconds (San Francisco local time on October 18th at 14:24 to 11 seconds), Guo Chuan "driving China? Qingdao, trimaran from San Francisco to Golden Gate Bridge, Shanghai Jinshan as the destination, a non-stop trans Pacific Voyage record. Beijing time 25 days around 15, Guo Sichuan sailed to waters near Hawaii in the U.S., the last time with the shore team and friends via satellite phone contact, was informed about sailing, sailing smoothly will estimate the readme, arrived in Shanghai on November 5th, 6 days. But shortly thereafter, the team sailed on the coast of the east coast of, sailing ships sailing speed in the waters of Hawaii to observe the situation, while the satellite phone and Internet communications are no response, in a state of loss. Beijing time 26 noon, Guo Chuanan team received the Beijing International Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) news: fixed wing search and rescue aircraft sent us after 4 hours of flight has arrived in the waters where the sailing boat found the spinnaker, drowning, no one on deck, radio without answering the call, the plane circled one hour after the fuel consumption limit return.相关的主题文章: