Chinese female students killed in Japan roommate revealed the details of the case for the first

Chinese Japanese female students killed roommate revealed for the first time the murder case details – Sohu news of WeChat Liu Xin circle of friends and she has a lot of river song (right) photo of the Japanese police still in the river song apartment rental survey November 3rd morning, China female student Jiang song in Japan was killed, the murder has in the past 5 days, the suspect has not yet arrested. But since the river song mother said publicly on micro-blog, suspected of murder and Jiang song live with the girl’s former boyfriend, the girl named Liu Xin fell into the vortex of public opinion. 8, Liu Xin for the first time, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter about the murder of the river song, she said he did not know what is the murder of Jiang song. What happened before and after the murder? On the morning of November 3rd, Chinese female student Jiang song was killed in his rented apartment in Tokyo, japan. According to Japanese police released the Song Jiang, sharp head was chopped, cut 10 cm long, 15 minutes before the incident, Jiang song was also the police suspicious characters said outside the apartment. But when the police rushed to the apartment, see is lying in a pool of blood in Song Jiang, Jiang song was sent to the hospital but died shortly after death. BYD reporter learned that the murder of female students from Qingdao river song, is Hosei University Graduate school. Jiang song in Japan with a flat-share girl, this girl is Liu Xin, the two rented apartment is located in Tokyo District in the wild wild 6 chome. Before the incident in the afternoon of November 2nd, two girls have been out of work. According to Jiang song rental apartment landlord in the survey to the Japanese police said, at around 4 p.m. on November 2nd, she had heard Jiang song live on the ground floor of the quarrel of the two. The landlord told the police that she could not understand the contents of the quarrel, because it was not japanese. Song Jiang and Liu Xin’s mutual friend kogusu (a pseudonym) told reporters BYD, Liu Xin the end of work time is about 11 at night, in the river song after the accident, Liu Xin told her that the end of the day to work together and go home to meet in the wild river song about the station, two people see the time is about 3 day zero. Meet together to go home to get the song mother confirmed. Jiang song mother said, before the song more than ten minutes before the accident, she and her daughter through the words, when Jiang song also said to her, immediately go to the station and Liu Xin together to go home. Kogusu told reporters BYD, Liu Xin said afterwards, she was with the Song Jiang flat-share went back to the apartment, but after entering the room, Jiang song himself out, while Liu Xin was in the room. Liu Xin of the Japanese police said, Jiang song shortly after leaving the room, she heard the Song Jiang and people in Chinese quarrel in the house, she was trying to push out the door, but found the door open, then call the phone alarm. At that time, there is the alarm of the landlord of the apartment, the reason for the alarm is that she heard the screams of women. Liu Xin told reporters on the BMC, until the police came after she didn’t know why at the time to open the door, because the river song in front of. The five day after the incident in November 3rd after the incident Liu Xin vortex of public opinion has been silent, 8, Liu Xin told reporters BYD, in these five days, she had been in grief and despair. Sad because she saw the song as "the only good in Japan相关的主题文章: