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Chukyo electronic transition wearable setback subsidiary was established two years without operation of Sohu technology each reporter Wang Zhifu vision is always beautiful, but too difficult to achieve. Two years ago the rhetoric cut in the field of intelligent wearable for Beijing electronic transformation, now still not get a smart wearable product. In 2014, Beijing Electronics entered the field of intelligent wearable digital music source, the shares of the company is carrying the transformation of ambition. However, Chukyo electronic and digital music source in the beginning of the 2016 Beijing Electronic explanation part company each going his own way, "the two in the strategic development and implementation mode can not reach a better consensus". In addition to share the source of digital music, Chukyo electronics also has its own subsidiary specializing in intelligent Beijing intelligent wearable business, but the "daily economic news" reporter recently interviewed found that the company was founded in two years ago, the company has not yet been fully operational, also did not produce a smart wearable products. Chukyo electronic secretaries office who said, do not have the actual operation in intelligence, is still in the construction of the plant facilities etc.. The company is still looking at the development of smart wearable market, and then make further plans. – from aiming at the "swallow the whole" to the 2014 smart wearable part company each going his own way, ushered in the air". According to market research firm Juniper data, in 2014 the smart wearable products market reached $1 billion 500 million, sales in 2017 is expected to increase to 70 million. Qilu Securities Research Report that, with the wearable device industry layout gradually thorough, and related technology matures, the future will be based on the various manufacturers of the new industrial chain to invest more capital and labor in the field of wearable devices will become a new mobile phone and tablet Market growth. Chip giant Intel noticed music source number. April 2014, Intel set up in China $100 million, China’s smart innovation fund, the first round of investment in 5 Chinese companies, including music source number. It is reported that the source of digital music was founded in May 2011, mainly engaged in wearable Intelligent Cloud core technology development and application, is a country with a range of smart watches product categories, core technologies and smooth sales channels of smart wearable industry company, its smart watches to smart pension, health management and fashion movement in three areas. Music source digital brand FashionComm and Baidu dulife joint production of the L28C SPORTS BRACELET in March 2014 in the exclusive sale of Jingdong platform, open 3 days scheduled for more than 170 thousand. In May 26, 2014, Beijing Electronic and digital music source Le musaka signed "the controlling shareholder capital and equity transfer agreement", the source of digital music capital increase to 30 million yuan, and 30 million yuan transferee Le musaka holds a digital music source of part of the shares after the capital increase. After the completion of this investment, Chukyo electronics holds a 20% stake in the source of digital music. As of March 31, 2014, the net book value of Le source was 45 million 639 thousand and 700 yuan, capital increase and equity transfer transactions, the music source of the valuation of the equity interest of $300 million for the value of 557 yuan, the value of $100%.相关的主题文章: