Cod13 steam showed low popularity continued as simulation farm 17 stellarium

COD13 Steam showed low popularity continued as "analog farm 17" call of duty 13: Infinite War Zone Activision shooting as "call of duty 13: Infinite War (Call Of Duty:Infinite Warfare)" released in numerous game player expectations, but after the release of the situation is not satisfactory. After the sale of the platform because of the online problem, resulting in the number of online very bleak, popularity has been high. I do not know what is moving now feel! Not to mention the host version of Xbox Live, "modern warfare" HD: the game long ranks higher than the "Infinite War" too much, the number of people online PC Steam version also highlight a decadent. Not even as much as the magic of the simulated farm 17 and some of the older games. According to Steam data show that the current number of unlimited war at the same time the average number of online games is about 15 thousand people, and the recent launch of the simulated farm, the number of people for the 26 thousand is 17. There are other ancient scrolls 5: horizon, radiation, and rocket alliance and other games are higher than the new COD. Steam data page displays the "Infinite War" are not as popular "farm" of course Steam 17 simulated data do not show those in Origin and UPlay on the game player, but even so in almost a year before the sale of the "Rainbow Six: Siege" such a shooting game of the number is slightly higher than that of "Infinite War". Hosting "Infinite War" in the Xbox Live on the popularity ranking of fourth, and with the bundle of "modern warfare" HD remake is second. "Call of duty 13: since the Infinite War" was first published in May was a lot of bad game player, the trailer won the super large and negative evaluation caused strong dissatisfaction with the fans of the series, especially Activision announced the "modern warfare" HD remake will be as "Infinite War" edition when the game player comes bundled content, their anger and bad more violent (MetaCritic game player score only about 2.6-3.4, the media average about 80%). Call of duty 13: Infinite War is currently available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Windows. (source: ali213 editor: DY) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: