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Commentary: to build a strong network of human rights guarantee judicial in the Great Wall – Beijing Xinhua news agency Xinhua September 12: build a strong judicial guarantee of human rights in the Great Wall, Xinhua News Agency reporters Huang Xiaoxi and Information Office of the State Council issued on 12 "new progress" the protection of human rights in the judicial field Chinese white paper to the world show significant solid move and the human rights in China the field of judicial protection. Justice is the last line of defense to safeguard social fairness and justice. The modern judicial contains rationality, justice, civilization and respect and safeguard the dignity of humanity essence, followed in the legal system of our country, become the most solid barrier for the protection of human rights. China’s judicial practice is also trying to practice justice for the people, justice, to achieve the punishment of crime and the protection of the people, the protection of human rights, and strive to make the people in the specific judicial practice in the sense of fairness and justice. To respect and protect human rights is the constitutional principle of our country, and is also the firm will and unremitting pursuit of our party, the government and all the people. For a long time, especially since the party’s eighteen, the central to promote scientific legislation, strict law enforcement, justice and universal law, promoting national governance systems and governance capacity modernization, the fundamental purpose of strengthening the protection of people’s basic rights. In the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee a comprehensive blueprint depicting the rule of law, clearly put forward the construction must adhere to the rule of law for the people, by the people, for the benefit of the people, to protect the people, to protect people’s fundamental interests as the starting point and goal, to ensure that the people enjoy extensive rights and freedoms, undertake the obligation to safeguard social fairness and justice, promote common prosperity. With the construction of China comprehensively promoting the rule of law, protection of human rights in our judicial field to a new level, and vigorously promote judicial openness, strictly implement the principle of legality, never suspected crime, illegal evidence exclusion and other legal principles, resolutely correct, to prevent miscarriages of justice. Zhang Hui, Zhang Gaoping case, Nian Bin case, vocative Gilles and a number of patterns obtained according to correct miscarriages of justice, reflect the effectiveness of judicial reform, the scale marked with the progress of the rule of law, and enhance the sense of security of the whole society, a firm belief in the rule of law of the citizens. The construction of the rule of law civilization is still on the road. To improve and perfect the protection of human rights in the judicial field will still be an important part of our country. Let justice be based on facts and take the law as the criterion, not to judge according to the law; longitudinal, make legal problems or violated the rights of the parties no longer unassisted, but with a complete legal service system, to obtain legal aid timely and effective; let the people through the channels to understand judicial transparency and convenience. Actively participate in the administration of justice…… China will adhere to the China characteristics based on the national conditions, improve the socialist legal system, building a socialist country ruled by law, and constantly improve the level of judicial protection of human rights, the protection of human rights and build a strong judicial the Great Wall, so that every citizen can feel fair protection and justice of the sun.相关的主题文章: