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Common small problems can be solved, click here! Try – Sohu is the body’s second heart healthy foot. Although our feet in the lowest part of the body, but it is the fundamental human. Some minor problems in life can be adjusted from the foot. If in our daily life, we occasionally appear: "cough, dry eyes, stomach discomfort," and so on, may wish to try the following methods. Dry eyes rubbed his big toe if the liver is not good, so the eyes do not nourish, so eye problems, should be treated from the liver. The liver from the big toe. So, if we feel dry eyes, should stimulate the big toe to strengthen the liver qi and blood. If things go on like this, more than eye drops from the liver blood, live, your eyes moist, relieve symptoms. Around the ankle blood pressure help people with high blood pressure, generally have a hard ankle symptom, ankle rotation, can promote blood circulation. Especially for the elderly, often turn ankle help anti-aging, lowering blood pressure. Every morning and evening to do 1 times, usually around the turn of each of the next 100. Foot fever, good for the body. Indigestion bad toe indigestion, bad breath, constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain patients should often pull the toes. From the foot reflection area: a Neiting between massage two or three toes, often rubbing can achieve the purpose of fighting. Walk on tiptoe on tiptoe varices exercise makes calf muscle posterior contraction, muscle contraction produced by extrusion will promote blood circulation. Varicose people may wish every day 2 ~ 3 times Tippy toe lasts for 5 to 10 minutes. For a long time to carry out this exercise, can effectively relieve varicose veins, especially for sedentary, long station caused by this situation is very useful. According to the great toe of sleep slobber spleen to transport water wet, sleep slobber, change with teeth marks, this is the symptoms of spleen, is often said that the water wet weight. How to deal with it? We should start with the spleen. The foot of Taibai is the place of the spleen qi. Spleen qi sufficient, this function will be water wet strong, long time can eliminate the symptoms of sleep slobber. I would like to say that the elderly can not be anti aging feet can not lie, a lie down on the popularity of No. This is really the way. Leg muscles if you can get exercise, can accelerate blood circulation, promote the heart and lungs, brain function. Adhere to the elevated feet 2 to 3 times a day, each time for 5 to 10 minutes, although the action is simple, but long-term adherence can have unexpected results. Queen Elizabeth S has nearly a hundred years old, but it is full of spirit, according to her said: every day to take off your shoes, put your feet up a few minutes she did it every day. Lift the heel of kidney qi deficiency yaotuisuanruan, insomnia, neurasthenia, these are basically to the common situation after middle age, this is a manifestation of brain aging, but also caused the decline of kidney qi. Rub rub foot heart kidney qi can be very good. Qi lift, these problems will be solved. Five PM by the most popular kidney,.相关的主题文章: