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Concerned about the left behind children in the mining area: the family is not poor is accompanied by parents – Sohu education, I found, I found!" Six camp Xing Yunqi climbed up from the beach, holding the hand just found the baby, while shouting while waving to his counselor Du Qing. At this time, the tour guide told the children, "we then look for, there are treasures buried!" The kids and lower the head, hands of "treasure" of the sand, squatting tired, some simply kneeling in the sand for the climb. These children are from the national mining left behind children. As a national mine left behind children’s care technology summer camp in the desert, like many interesting games treasure. From the beginning of August 15th summer camp activities for a period of 5 days to hold up with love of mine left-behind children and dream "as the theme, not the same as the summer of 200 children from the mining area. "And they usually left-behind children concept is not the same, most do not have the economic pressure, more is that they will feel other people’s parents will often see the children, but my parents don’t often see why? They will feel that their parents do not love me? They don’t know the same." Zhang Tuoshu, associate professor at Inner Mongolia Normal University. The family is not poor, but the lack of parents "every time separation, I can clearly see your red eyes, and I can not control their emotions, but I know that if I cry, you will be more sad." Camp Camp Zhang Meng wrote in a letter to his father. "Ten years after the golden years of coal enterprises, they are not necessarily poor, they lack of parents." Organizers of the China Coal Society Yang Qingqing said. From Yunnan Chen Junjiang told China Youth Daily · youth online reporter, his biggest wish is: "wish mom and dad can come back to see me, I think mom and dad are no longer out of work, we can be together." Chen Junjiang Gan Hai Zi lived in Yunnan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Chuxiong Province Lufeng County, father from his notes in Yipinglang work in Yunnan coal mine of Dongyuan coal company, the mother is working outside year round, only one or two times a year to go home. 13 year old Chen Junjiang brothers usually live with their grandparents. Because the old man’s body is not good, two grade Chen Junjiang learned to cook, get up at 6:30 every morning, cooking, and then go to school, which became his normal life. He told Chinese Youth Daily reporter · the middle line, the mother is not around when you lonely". "I’m a little disappointed because I don’t have a mother. It’s a little sad to see someone else’s mom and dad together." Usually encounter homework need parents to sign, Chen Junjiang can only tell the teacher, dad in overtime did not come back, my mother went out to work." His voice became low when he spoke. For this group of children, volunteers from Inner Mongolia, Du Liangliang think these kids are particularly honest". Activities, Du Liangliang is responsible for the safety of 3 children. In his opinion these eight or nine years old children especially take care of themselves, and not to hand clothes, eat a ready-cooked meal. "Me"相关的主题文章: