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Right to give children medication, remember that these are critical – Sohu maternal and child now many families will prepare some drugs to emergency. Experts said that after the child is sick, can not give children medication, scientific medication, medication safety is the most critical. In daily life, many of the baby’s medication problems are because mom and dad did not use drugs. To the baby medication errors? Let’s see what the experts say. Misunderstanding a cold soon the majority of children with the drug is caused by a virus infection, viral cold without medication 5-7 days can be cured. However, in the baby after a cold, many parents do not sit idly by, always take the baby to the hospital prescription injections or without authorization for the baby to eat cold medicine, this is actually wrong. At this stage, Europe and the United States and other countries are not recommended for children under 2 years of age to use cold medicine. Children and adults are not the same, can not reduce the dosage of adults to take the child. However, it is not to say that the baby had a cold, the family no matter what. If a cold have a fever armpit temperature of more than 38.5, it should take fever medicine, anti fever medicine can effectively relieve your baby’s discomfort, but also to prevent because of febrile seizures have a fever caused by. If there is an infection caused by bacteria and other pathogens, then the use of antibiotics and other drugs. Many families have felt that taking Banlangen, when flu prone to prevent colds. Experts advise, it is best not to give their children the use of drugs, after all, is a drug three poison. Misunderstanding two kinds of drug mixed food, most people feel sick to eat medicine very quickly, when the baby is sick always eat a lot of medicine to him. In fact, regardless of traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, drugs into the body through the liver metabolism, renal excretion clearance. Because the child’s liver and kidney function is still in development, so we can not give the child to eat too many drugs at once to prevent the occurrence of liver and kidney damage. If you have to take a lot of drugs, get to know the right way to take it. For example, when traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine are required, the two drugs should be at least one hour apart. Experts advise, while eating a lot of drugs, we must pay attention to the active ingredients of drugs, to prevent repeated medication. For example, fever with acetaminophen composition also exists in many compound in cold medicine, if you eat antipyretics eat cold medicine compound words, may lead to acetaminophen overdose, causing liver injury. Myth three: a lot of families have such an idea that you feel that expensive or imported drugs must be better than cheap drugs and domestic drugs, and therefore will be on the Internet to buy foreign drugs. But there are some potential risk factors, because of the language barrier, most families have no way to truly understand the usage of drugs, there are businesses lack of supervision, may allow consumers to buy fake. Experts said that the drug is good, mainly to see can also see how to effect an antidote against the disease, and finally see side effect size, if done properly, it is best to buy high quality and inexpensive drugs. Myth four abuse of vitamins and vitamins in the baby’s growth and development相关的主题文章: