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Count the 13th Five-Year Hongqiao business district planning to build a world-class level of CBD — the Shanghai nets in 2009, Locke?? Shanghai based on a global, long-term perspective, made a major strategic decision of development and construction of Hongqiao business district. This year is the seventh year of the establishment of the Hongqiao business district. In these more than 2 thousand days and nights, the development and construction of the business area of 86 square kilometers with each passing day, industrial clustering and functional building has achieved remarkable results. A kind of a year, three years, and now it is "reborn": "12th Five-Year" during the National Convention Center complex project was completed and put into operation, 31 plots of the social Touzi project in 2014 started, the cumulative total amount of 91 billion 500 million Yuan approved social touzi. At the end of October 2016, Hongqiao business district, a total of 327 buildings completed more than a single building cap structure, 93% of the total, Ruian, Hongqiao and Hongqiao Vanke center, AOC building, the overall operation, Hongqiao world office rental rate of 90%, business occupancy rate of over 80%. Underground corridor, air corridors, parks and other green 21 supporting construction projects in an orderly manner, with a total Touzi of more than 6 billion yuan. In addition, the effect of the initial development of regional development, the core area of the introduction of the development and construction enterprises to reach 45, the current business district settled more than 700 enterprises, the cumulative foreign registered $3 billion 725 million. ?? "13th Five-Year" period, the Hongqiao business district once again clear development orientation, adhere to the "3+4+5" strategy, namely: "three functions", "four" and "five characteristics". By strengthening the management and development, promote high-end business, exhibition and traffic function integration and development, the basic form of "world-class business district framework integration of city and ecological civilization, supporting advantages, distinctive regional characteristics," forward development goals gradually towards the "linkage of the Yangtze River Delta city group development of new engine" and "world class the level of business district, business district will gradually build into a nationwide and worldwide first-class business district, full of youthful spirit. Focus on "three functions"? "Big traffic" function. Give full play to Shanghai international transportation hub function, strengthen the comprehensive transportation advantages, construction of the traffic network system, this system is through inline with a combination of static and dynamic, management oriented ", the Hongqiao hub construction into a world-class integrated transport hub, the Hongqiao business district construction into the traffic center, promote business the city’s commuter travel, ride past, such as functional integration, reduce the dependence of public facilities and the traffic pressure on the center of the city. "Big exhibition" function. Relying on the National Convention and Exhibition Center, the Hongqiao business district will be built into the core functional area of Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, the world’s leading exhibition and functional gathering area and the exhibition industry development zone. Accelerate the improvement of bonded warehousing, logistics and exhibition related industries, strengthen policy guidance, vigorously develop the high-end meeting and exhibition industry and professional services, attracting factors closely related with the exhibition industry agglomeration, the formation of multi-level, wide field, the whole industry chain of the exhibition management system. "Big business" function. Give full play to the National Exhibition Center and Hongqiao integrated transport hub.相关的主题文章: