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.puters-and-Technology For businesses the biggest risk in creating app is choosing the right platform to launch it on. We all know that technology is advancing in swift pace and there is no certainty that the big thing today might not be the big thing tomorrow. Surly, there are .panies who can just focus on just one platform while excluding all others, but most of the businesses need to target myriad device types. It is no longer enough for .panies to go for iPhone app, even small to medium size businesses have to support Android, iPad, windows 7, BlackBerry, Symbian and Android Tablet applications. The solution this problem has been solved by apps development .panies like Apptellect. The like these can develop applications for as many platforms as you like. This process is called cross platform mobile app development. With cross platform apps, you will always have access to most of the customers. You no more have to worry about being left behind if any platform is left. With cross platform apps you will stay ahead of all while dealing in all platforms and reaping profits from all platforms. The basic idea behind cross-platform frameworks is to reduce development time by helping developers to write their code in one language that can easily be .piled to multiple platforms. To do this developers have to write app in a dynamic programming language, JavaScript is the most .mon one but some also use Ruby or Python. For cross platform development the languages like C/Cocoa, Java, C# and .Net are not used. The pros of using a cross-platform mobile app development 1. Reusable Code: The biggest pro of cross platform development is that developer can reuse the codes in later projects rather than writing the specific action or sequence for each platform. 2. Plug-ins: Developers have easy access to plug-ins and modules that can easily plug into other services or tools. 3. Web Developers friendly: It was difficult for wed developers to jump in to Android or iPhone development. Now with cross platform development web developers can easily use most of frameworks, as they are dynamic or have scripting languages. 4. Reduced Development Costs: The other big benefit of cross platform development is that .panies or businesses do not have to invest a team or developer for every platform. They can easily get their hands on all platforms while just developing one time. 5. Enterprise and Cloud Services support: In addition to plug-ins and modules for specific functions, most of cross platform frameworks also have the option to directly integrate with cloud services. 6. Easiest Deployment: With cross platform mobile app development, deploying and .piling apps is much faster. This is especially true with many of the new cloud-based build tools that various frameworks are starting to push out. Cross platform designing While developing cross platform applications, iphone app developers need to be aware of app design, whether they are using framework or not. Design of every platform is different. Designing of Android will be different from iPhone, the UX and UI conventions are different, while touch points and menus of both work in different ways. A good cross-platform application always looks at home on whatever platform it is used on while a bad cross-platform tries to look identical everywhere. For instance, you are iphone app developer and your Android app has navigation controls at the bottom of the screen, then you are doing it wrong, as it is iPhone style. For cross-platform mobile app development services, you can contact esteemed app development .panies like Apptellect. Developers at Apptellect have extensive experience with cross-platform mobile app development, while you can be sure that the quality of app will not diminish between different platforms. The .pany has high skill sets for all kind of platforms. Its team is highly experienced in most popular platforms today like Apple iOS, Android, bada, etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: