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News-and-Society What makes a good leader- this has been a topic of utmost interest since long. The characteristics and traits that make a leader has been the subject of immense debate and discussion among businessmen, academicians, intellectuals, and philosophers. Some suggest that leaders are born, not made, while others argue that there is nothing as a universal leader since a person adept at handling a situation may find himself at sea in a different situation. Despite the large number of theories and postulations, everybody seems to agree on a few .mon points. They all believe that to be a good leader a person has to be intelligent and charismatic. He must have problem-solving skills, should be a strategic thinker, and must always be open and willing to take on new challenges. Daniel Assouline, the dynamic CEO of Montreal based fast growing e-.merce solution .pany, UpClick.., possesses all the relevant skills that goes into the making of a successful leader. He is a person with strong sense of responsibility towards his employees, organization, and society. History bears testimony to the fact that successful CEOs have been those who have created organizations where employees are motivated to give their best and clients want to do business. These successful leaders create winning organizations where individual worth is recognized and every employee works with a single minded devotion of giving their best to the .pany. Daniel Assouline, the CEO of Montreal based UpClick.., recognizes the efforts of others and reinforces those actions. The employees of this organization love and respect their leader because they know he has the ability to soar above the .petition. He is a person who believes in his own and the abilities of his employees to take the internet .pany to an all new high. He not only makes good plans and strategies but also knows how to successfully implement them. A person with a high degree of self-efficacy, Daniel loves challenges and is unafraid of making tough decisions when situations and circumstances demand so. A person who does not understand the functioning of the marketplace and the industry his organization is operating in has as much chances of success as an ice cube in hell. Rapid pace of globalisation and continuously evolving business environment have made it imperative that you choose a visionary to lead your enterprise. A CEO can only be successful if he knows where the market stands today and where it is likely to be in the .ing days. You have to keep your eyes and ears open and not shut yourself in an Ivory Tower. Daniel Assouline resides in Montreal and heads the fast-growing online solution provider .pany-UpClick… His knowledge of issues and information has hastened his ascent to the top in a very short while. He knows what it takes to make an .anization successful and spares no effort to ensure that both his employees and his clients are happy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: