Daughter report father-in-law is not a weapon against corruption roselip

"Daughter-in-law father-in-law report" is not the author of a commentary Pan Hongqi anti-corruption tool had exposed the prototype and self report of the officials, early should be paid close attention to by the local government and the anti-corruption department, but only by the occasional "daughter-in-law report" to make big things, eventually punished according to law, such corruption "logic" let a person feel unspeakable, heavy and sad. Recently, an article entitled "Fugu Land Bureau, deputy director of the daughter was publicly reported to be double regulations," the post in the online crazy pass. According to reports, the Shaanxi Fugu County Land Bureau deputy director Zhang Shaojun, the son of Zhang and Wang living as husband and wife and fathered a child, because Zhang derailment and other two conflicts make "divorce", whose parents to two people did not receive a marriage certificate on the grounds, asked Wang to cleanse the family. In April this year, Wang to Yulin, Fugu, two Commission for Discipline Inspection Report Zhang Shaojun corruption, a huge source of property is unknown, at present, Zhang Shaojun has been double. According to Wang report described in the letter, Zhang Shaojun only had more than and 20 sets of housing, has been verified to have 7 homes and 2 shops, there are tens of millions of dollars of private lending and savings, mostly in his wife, son and daughter’s name, only the name of his daughter has millions of cars. In addition, Zhang Shaojun’s use of powers wantonly accepting bribes for families and relatives to seek illegal interests. Now, Wang report content may have exaggerated, false, but generally will not have access to a large, her report is a direct result of Zhang Shaojun was detained and interrogated, is one of the problems that can preliminary results. Following the previous rare "mistress report corrupt", "husband wife report" story, this "father-in-law daughter-in-law report" story, gives people a corrupt family or the people around "offbeat anti-corruption" new version. Zhang Shaojun is deputy officials, his wife and son is also a public officer, no one in the family business industry, with normal income family, in any case can not be huge wealth save tens of millions. Strictly speaking, Zhang Shaojun has a huge amount of wealth is not terrible, really terrible, Zhang Shaojun local and units of the discipline inspection and supervision departments, and the higher authorities and relevant departments, he seemed to have huge wealth seems to be less ignorant; until Zhang army was "daughter-in-law" after the report, the relevant departments to intervene the investigation, Zhang Shaojun alleged corruption, huge unidentified property, began to emerge. It is said that Fugu has not yet been in accordance with the provisions of the central and Shaanxi, the full implementation of the official matters of personal and family property declaration system? If the local officials have implemented personal matters and family property declaration system, then why Zhang Shaojun became "a fish escaped through the Seine"? In reality, most corrupt officials’ muffled fortune ", they are often in the basic necessities of life and daily consumption deliberately kept a low profile, disguised himself more than ordinary people, lest he opulent makes others unhappy, give you trouble. "Daughter-in-law" report of the deputy director Zhang Shaojun, and the most corrupt he will often use the terms as like as chalk and cheese, for other units, chinakayao openly, and family frequent access to high-end consumer sites, his son Zhang generous, usually on the cash card balance of nearly one million yuan, he is only a toilet on house decoration cost]相关的主题文章: