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Travel-and-Leisure Delhi is not only famous for its historical monuments, tourist attractions, cultural legacy, power and prestige and business hubs but also for a colossal range of mouth-watering fare. The city is generously splattered with a great food variety whether it is savory street snacks or fine dining in some exquisite Delhi restaurants. The city has restaurants for every budget and satiates every palate. Presenting dishes from various parts of the pla. like Chinese, Italian and Continental; the metropolis serves them with creativity. If you are fond of an exciting night-out, you can count on the phenomenon bars of the city. They are just the correct choice for a great experience of hanging out with friends. If your buddies get together is taking place after a long time, Restaurants and bars in New Delhi are the best places to celebrate the reunion of friends. So, hit these delightful places for a valuable experience and you will have memories etched on your heart for life. Multi-Cuisine Restaurants in Delhi : While discussing cuisine and costs, a host of restaurants area available for you in the city. To relish zesty bites at pocket-friendly costs, you can head to budget restaurants or dhabas that serve finger-licking Indian delights. Also, there are affluent multi-cuisine restaurants, many of which are in West Delhi that serve world class delicacies. Their ambience is rewarding that boosts your dining experience. A number of travelers stop to savor some delightful chunks of culinary magic that is created by super chefs of the restaurants here. These eating-joints are also fine places to provide superior breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. Connaught Place is one of the most celebrated places of the city and houses several restaurants that are famous for brilliance at serving delectable delights. Restaurants and bars in Connaught Place are known for unparalleled dining and wining fantasies with warmth. Some restaurants specialize in a single cuisine like Mughlai, South Indian and Continental offering you the cream of the crop. Delhi Restaurants also serve sweet surprises as savory desserts that are like adding butter to the biscuit and giving a happy conclusion to your meals. Happening Bars of Delhi : Nightlife of the city is assorted but offers you some classy and most famous bars. These bars range from being chilled out to cool. They are ruled by style and glamour and several are open for lunch and dinner as well. Bar counters of some bars are meant exclusively for the best wines. The ambience is adorned with dim lights in glittering manner that sets the mood right to get indulged in the drinking spree. There are several bars that play electronic music and have fun as their nucleus. Every weekend is heightened with the live DJ at several bars. Many Restaurants in Connaught Place are coupled with boisterous bars and are coupled with dance floors and restaurants. So, dress to impress and take pleasure in relaxing hours at these bars. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: