Der Spiegel – Zheng Jinyan Exhibition narrative era corner

Der Spiegel – Zheng Jinyan Exhibition: narrative era corner mirror – Zheng Jinyan exhibition curator: Liu Zifeng exhibition time: 9.26 10.16 Venue: aquast? Wuwei art space (Tianjin city Hexi District Zhujiang Road No. 59 All Seasons backyard second rows, G3? G4 Museum) phase (Tianjin) Environmental Art Design Co. Ltd. Tianjin Wuwei the space Exhibition Design Co. Ltd. Tianjin aquast the Culture Communication Co. Ltd: the era of the corner | Liu Zifeng often heard people say: "no China yaishan after the end of the Ming Dynasty, after no Chinese", today’s "culture" seems to be more attracted to this argument. When pay to feelings, according to the lining of their own, always feel a little truth. This will at least prove that there is still a feeling of awe and inferiority in the face of "spiritual heights". Therefore, we prefer in such a way as to doubt the heart of inferiority in the real world and the spiritual world of vanity excuse. Strict historians prefer to make excuses for facts. In front of the true history and they cast the major issues issues of right and wrong, is no longer a feeling, more is to explore the construction of rational logic clues. But the association between cognition and historical gap, heroism radiates strength can often go beyond the self will, and to explore the truth, may have drowned in this tone. In fact, everything is just a moment in the history of ups and downs, in terms of ideology about, will inevitably biased. In the early Qing Dynasty dramatist Kong Shangren in "Peach Blossom Fan · writes; solitary Yin" lyrics: "that year as the drama, drama as true today". Oh, if life is a drama, what he wants to show is only the most real side in the corner of history. God does not participate in the "play as true as" gorgeous performances. Every character in the history of rock are not clearly visible but the spirit of God, the only light blossoms, once their heads ring off, but is in fact a true to life person. The artist always falls into such a kind of misunderstanding when he carries on the artistic creation of historical subject matter. Figure symbols are enlarged, the spirit symbol is also enlarged, that transcend the reality, but also insist to rely on real. By the worship of history is bound to lack of details, deliberately modify, abandon fragments, enlarge the local, incarnate in between public opinion and self cognition that can be used as symbols and fanciful godlike. In this way, all Acura had become a nagging story, or divine possession, or only just saved human skins. I have seen Mr. Zheng Jinyan’s paintings and found out that his works are different. He in the history of the theme of characters, both chose not to eulogize, nor do the scene narrative superfluous, but in a biography in the form of original place in the presence of a story about a real person in history in the background. A series of historical figures that have experienced years of wind and frost in his pen was created, no body, no Aoniwanwu eyes, not even remained in the background in the symbolic label only belongs to their. They blurred image, standing in the absurd lonely scene, make you.相关的主题文章: