Development and Reform Commission to ensure stable supply of salt and price stability

Development and Reform Commission: ensure salt supply stable and stable prices – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, 9 October Beijing Xinhua: development and Reform Commission: to ensure the stable salt supply and stable prices of Xinhua News Agency reporters An Bei and the national development and Reform Commission said 9 days, according to the unified deployment of salt system reform plan, the decision since January 1, 2017, comprehensive let go of salt factory, wholesale and retail prices. After the release of salt prices, how to protect the supply of salt market stability and price stability? Reporter interviewed the 9 person in charge of the development and reform commission. Salt price liberalization will lead to abnormal price fluctuations in the development and Reform Commission relevant responsible person said that the more salt resource in China is very rich, salt market supply main body, the implementation of the program, the reform of salt industry to release the price of salt, on the whole, the salt market supply is fully guaranteed, the price does not appear abnormal fluctuations of common salt. The official said that China’s salt resources are very rich, salt industry over the years more than sales. In 2015 China’s crude salt production capacity of 113 million 450 thousand tons, consumption was 88 million 760 thousand tons, of which the salt consumption is only 10 million tons. At the same time, China’s salt market supply of the main body of more than 300 registered salt production enterprises, salt circulation enterprises have more than 4 thousand. In April this year, the State Council issued the "plan" the reform of the salt industry, decided to promote the reform of the salt industry, improve the salt monopoly system, break the salt production enterprises can only be sold to the wholesale business, salt wholesale enterprises can only be specified in the specified provisions of the scope of sales, allowing salt production enterprises to enter the circulation and sales areas, cross regional operation of salt wholesale enterprises to establish a comprehensive competitive market structure, the price of salt with release conditions. How to protect the salt market and prices basically stable, the official said, after the release of salt prices, the state will take a variety of measures to effectively maintain the basic stability of the salt market and prices. First, to protect the market supply. Requirements of salt production enterprises do salt scheduling and distribution of work, and effectively protect the salt market especially in outlying and poverty-stricken areas and underdeveloped supply of common salt stability of the minority areas, to supply, not out of stock. Two is to establish and improve the salt reserve system. The whole society set up salt reserve system composed of the government reserve and enterprise social responsibility reserve, the government reserves of not less than 1 months of local salt consumption, enterprise reserves not less than the average sales for 1 months under normal circumstances, in case of natural disasters and emergencies occur, to take timely measures such as reserves to ensure the safe and stable supply of salt. Three is to maintain price stability. Strengthen salt market price monitoring, establish and improve the emergency safeguard mechanism, to keep the salt price stability, special circumstances may take temporary price intervention or other emergency measures to prevent abnormal fluctuations in the price of common salt. Four is to strengthen market regulation. Strengthen salt market price supervision and inspection, investigate and punish price gouging, hoarding and profiteering improper price behavior, and earnestly safeguard the market order. Whether it will affect the price of living salt in mountainous areas and remote and poor areas in the mainland.相关的主题文章: