Development and Reform Commission to respond to credit card credit card fee is not capped-synnex

Development and Reform Commission to respond to credit card fees are not capped Beijing Beijing in September 15, the national development and Reform Commission 14 held a press conference, in response to a series of economic hot issues: the credit card issuing bank service charges shall not single fee cap, reflects the actual situation of the transaction cost and higher risk; August capacity exit rate significantly to speed up, but the individual provinces capacity to progress is seriously lagging behind; at present, more than and 20 provinces issued a cost reduction plan; electric power system reform has covered 20 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang production and construction corps. About bank card fees, credit card "cap" because the transaction cost and the higher risk of the national development and Reform Commission, the people’s Bank of China March jointly issued "on the improvement of the notice" credit card fee pricing mechanism of bank card, since September 6th the overall greatly reduce the level of charge. According to the new regulations, card issuers charge issuing bank service charges will be changed to do not distinguish between business categories, the implementation of government guidance, limit management, and the debit card, credit card billing difference. Reduce the issuing bank card transaction service fee rate does not exceed the transaction amount of 0.35% debit, credit card transaction does not exceed 0.45%. Debit card transactions single charge amount does not exceed 13 yuan, credit card transactions do not implement the single charge control cap. Bank card credit card fee items and rates ceiling. From the national development and Reform Commission website why single credit card charges not capped? The national development and Reform Commission spokesman Zhao Chenxin explained that the credit card is allowed overdraft credit card, make different policies for the issuing bank service charges, credit card debit card transactions, because the transaction costs of these two types of bank card, differences in business risk characteristics. "Because the overdraft privileges are different, compared with debit cards, commercial banks in the credit card transaction in the extra capital cost, the risk of loss of business is relatively high." Zhao Chenxin said that this policy adjustment, foreign credit card fee practices, make different arrangements on the issuing bank debit card, credit card services transactions, mainly reflected the actual situation of the credit card transaction cost and higher risk. This is conducive to mobilize the enthusiasm of commercial banks, the promotion of credit cards, expand credit consumption business. Zhao Chenxin stressed that the credit card fee policy adjustments, mainly to reduce the operating costs of businesses, does not involve the cardholder fees. Talk about the situation of production capacity – the ability to save the individual production capacity is seriously lagging behind in August, the State Council decided to carry out a special steel production in the country to resolve excess capacity of special inspections. Zhao Chenxin said that at present, the field has been the end of the supervision work, is to grasp the situation of the inspection summary. From the current newspaper up the situation, through a series of measures to implement the supervision and implementation of the August production capacity significantly accelerated exit." Zhao Chenxin said, some provinces have completed the task, the majority, some provinces have completed the task at the same time, there are still some, slow progress, eliminating capacity is seriously lagging behind the progress of individual work, there is a big gap with the national requirements. Beijing, China (WeChat public number: cns20126相关的主题文章: