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Decorate the house husband and wife Ken Chu: divided Island wedding is a new network round Mrs. dream – Anhui TV in the all star Home Furnishing transformation life service program "Home Furnishing" will change it debuted in September 6th, yesterday held its first meeting on the media program group, will be in September 3rd in Bali Island, the wedding of Ken Chu and Han Wenwen sweet appearance. Ken Chu said the new home decoration so that he and Han Wenwen have a lot of differences, I hope the group can help me deal with." The scene, the mood of Ken Chu and Han Wenwen also shared the wedding preparations, Ken Chu smiled and said he was disturbed, "is not satisfied with what the place very be afraid of wife, then I will go to do the review." Ken Chu said the wedding took three times from two independent individuals to decide together, Ken Chu said in the home decoration on himself and Han Wenwen no less quarrel, I moved to Beijing in 2013, are still quite accustomed. In the decoration style, I like the texture of the wood, she likes the feeling of uncertainty, the reason to join the program, because the new home decoration some North-South differences, hoping to find some knowledge and methods." September 3rd, Ken Chu, Han Wenwen will be married in Bali Island. The location of the wedding, Ken Chu admitted to Han Wenwen: I like low-key processing, she said quietly: I want an island wedding. As a man, must meet her dream. It was a wedding photo shoot three times. Maybe not many men would like to toss three times to shoot, but I do this is to let my wife know that it is worth to marry me." F4 into the army’s 15 anniversary plan as the most concerned about the list of guests, Ken Chu said it was a pity that we can not see F4 fit, Zhou Yumin child full moon, is determined not to come. But Jerry Yan has other work, now Vanness Wu is determined to attend." Although this time can not see F4 fit, Ken Chu said, next year is the 15 anniversary of the army into F4, the matter is being discussed fit, but temporarily can not reveal too much." After marriage, Ken Chu’s focus will be on the mainland, the mainland film and television circles have a lot of opportunities, Taiwan is also the home of the two of us. I can do is to make money, and then give her home to do." Asked about the creation of the plan, the couple said, like girls, such as peace of mind when the time comes to consider this issue." Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Zhang Ning相关的主题文章: