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Sports-and-Recreation Finding a niche in the reborn doll market is the easiest and fastest way to well known for creating reborn dolls. Learning to market your dolls in a niche is easier than trying to take on the whole reborn industry from the start A large market can be divided into smaller ones, these are the niches. Dominating a niche is where your traffic and therefore your profit .e from. Before you try to dominate the whole reborn doll market, choose a niche, be.e the expert in that niche and move on. Below are the 5 top niches we believe are great for reborn artists. 1. Ebay is the biggest selling site for reborn dolls but it is also the most difficult to dominate as there are over 700 reborn dolls being sold at any one time. If you can learn the rules and techniques needed to get yourself onto the first pages of ebay, you stand a good chance of the reborn artists who is followed by a bidding war of interested customers every time you put up an auction. 2. A Website. Using your own dedicated website or someone else in your area of expertise is also a great way to get to an extremely large market in your niche. It is important to try to get your reborn dolls where the buyers will see them, so if you sell on other people’s sites checkout where they land on google and the other search engines. Your buyers have limited time so will be attracted to the most professional websites. 3. The Ageing. There is a large market that is not being met in the alzheimer and dementia patient areas. Alzheimer’s patients have been finding .fort from reborn dolls for some time. Reborn dolls that resemble real babies have been used with great success to calm and give a purpose to Alzheimer’s patients. To tap into this growing market, start with your local nursing homes and talk to the administrators and staff. Most nursing homes and Alzheimer’s associations will not have the budget to buy reborn dolls for the patients but caring families may. 4. Grieving mothers, no matter what age, have found great .fort from holding a reborn doll. To reach this market, use the resources around you from the local churches, hospitals and counselors for grief. Have a look in your .munity to see what is available for grieving mothers and make an appointment with the centre. Take a sample of your reborn dolls along with as much evidence that you can gather on the beneficial effects these wonderful dolls have for the grieving. 5. Consignment. Selling on consignment is yet another option for the reborn artist. There are specialist doll stores that may not be able to pay upfront for your dolls but would be happy to take them on consignment. When the doll is sold you will receive your payment. Do not stop with only doll stores. Look around your area or city to find other stores that could take your reborn dolls on consignment. Marketing is a task that needs to be done to sell anything. Every large .anisation, including Coca-Cola, needs to continually update their advertising so as to stay in the front of mind of their consumers! We wish you all the best with your reborn doll business and hope that these tips will see you develop your passion into a reality. Fran and Nicola About the Author: 相关的主题文章: