Do not want to step on the player homemade Mario racing remote control turtle shell-vidalia

Do not want to step on one foot? Players homemade "Mario racing" remote control turtle shell has played the "Mario racing" players, I believe that the game props are quite familiar with it? Although it is a racing game, but added a lot of fun props, let more exciting racing. The most famous items for which the blue shell will be the automatic tracking of the first player and blew the game player in the game, I believe that many of the good times are the turtle shell is ruined, that if the shell will appear in real life, you will have what reaction? Players homemade "Mario racing" remote control turtle shell remote control shell to the army! The remote control shell for the game player in the creation of Zlurpo, the main material for hard foam insulation (rigid insulation foam), will be several stacked together and fixed with glue, depicting the appearance of the start. After the appearance of the shape and then covered with multi-layer rubber, so that the surface becomes more smooth and then color. The main materials are folded together and cut to the desired shape with the rubber surface is smooth feeling and let color plus remote control base is completed many game player to see the finished product pictures to try to see it with glue? Although it may not have the destructive power and speed of the game, it’s fun to look at these shells in real life. But they don’t do to put that game player to play on the road, must not cause some reflection of turtle shell game player see accelerated Dodge, or painful memories of the past based on accelerated hit…… (source: imgur editor: BZ) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: