Do you still have a carcinogen in this kitchen Lost after

Do you still have a carcinogen in this kitchen? After reading quickly lost recently, Zhejiang satellite TV exposure to formaldehyde exceed the standard sponge with a sponge! White sponge, also known as the "magic brush", it does not add any detergent, moistened with water can put chopsticks, cups, stove and other clean. After testing, the sponge is made of melamine formaldehyde resin foam for 7 products in 6 formaldehyde exceed the standard. Long term exposure to low doses of formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory disease, menstrual disorders, pregnancy syndrome, adolescent memory and intellectual decline and other issues, which may induce nasopharyngeal cancer, colon cancer, leukemia and other cancers as well as brain tumors, gene mutation, cell nucleus even single chain DNA and DNA protein and interweavement and inhibition of DNA damage repair, neonatal chromosome disorder. Certification testing engineer Wei Wenfeng said that the sponge both washed several times are formaldehyde, the artificial hand wash 5 times, then the inspection, the results show that formaldehyde content still exceed the standard. It not only contains formaldehyde, but also easy to volatilize formaldehyde in the air, it is not recommended that you use. Cleaning the dishes, or with ordinary cotton cloth, wash dishes or old loofah can. Teach you a homemade grapefruit fragrance detergent: grapefruit skin to remove white flesh, cut into the bottle, and then pour the water before the grapefruit skin; then add a teaspoon of edible alkali, cover shake; refrigerate after a week can be used! In addition to sponge, the most common housing renovation will appear formaldehyde exceed the standard. But you may not imagine that some of the things we eat daily will be excessive formaldehyde. In order to prevent corrosion and increase the weight, squid, beef tripe, duck intestine soaked food and water products, most likely to become unscrupulous traders add object. Treated with formaldehyde water products such as squid, can make the weight doubled, to earn more. Secondly, there are sea cucumber and shark’s fin, fan, bamboo shoots, dried mushroom, jerky, dried fish and dried products, bean products, flour products etc.. (from modern express, Zhejiang satellite TV, Hangzhou network, health times) (Health times network)相关的主题文章: