Donkey water a dark bullet on stage and screen mentalist

"The donkey water": the stage and screen a bullet "donkey have seen the drama dark water", the brain storm I was frantic a hole in the hook structure, but have seen the movie "donkey" water, my heart is dark and sad. Out of the theater, which are full of explosive stage moments of flashback. But out of the theater, has had history and weakness, because this donkey live and can only continue to walk, just rest, secretly wipe a drop of tears. The stage of "water" donkey Qifeng sudden turn waves strangeness, and buttonhole between the cue and the progressive intertwined, like deliberately disrupted the chessboard, absurd yet compact fission, body movement character vivid, although this version of the stage show some whack, still quiet grinding. The movie "the donkey" water extends the inner process context, adding more reasonable basis and character details, a picture of the POSE into the thick and heavy in colours winding on the funeral, strengthen the profound sense of tragedy torn. A full bloom from the secular frontier primary school, a group of knowledgeable heroic generous teacher — a spirited inspirational utopian picture. The school gate reads "go out step by step refined and courteous, wind", a few intellectuals are cited in smart clothes, dressed in a wink upstart also won more than a villain hateful appearance, pour dog’s blood on the countryside. At this time the audience’s heart is collapse collapse. "Innocence" and "not to do evil" and "do great things, adhere to the goal and not to stick at trifles" curve undercover, paradoxes fuzzy philosophy is the traditional education on various branches, is broad and profound or slippery speculation? The principal of the film, with all the respect of the educator, was forced to be the first person to lose the first button in the plight of life, leading to a series of runaway disasters. At the beginning of a "superior attention because it is" ready to fame heart. And every time he made a compromise, all led to the alienation of personality, betrayal of the beginning of education. There is a meaningful event at the beginning of the film: the donkey shed suddenly caught fire. All the teachers miss the point rush, principals also lost two quilts combustion. The fire burned a donkey to the interests of the school, also destroyed the gentle intellectual integrity. The film is "point lines need education may not be the farmers", has declared the intellectual decline. No matter how old Zhou Tienan upright and outspoken. A bullet flying head the moment, life lost, bloody backs fall down smooth and clean. At this point, he became insignificant lowly, hit man Zhang raped so sycophancy or obsequiousness. Lu Xun said: "3000 years of slavery, the cattle Chinese, without resistance to be a slave, will only live for peace of mind, so Chinese fate is sad." The story of Lu Xun’s great fear is so often new. The film of speculative education itself up to a ridiculous height: originally live wilderness pastoral, simple innocent coppersmith, from the school education in the holy land by "baptism", he learned to understand the persecution of revenge, worship of power, and even realise that cannot tolerate the old life, and now must be from the coffin. There are a few of the highlights of the body language in the stage play, such as the blacksmith who saw the big shell cap.相关的主题文章: