Donnie Yen won the U.S. media praise will go to Chinese Theater Avenue handprint 3344111

Donnie Yen won the U.S. media praise will go to Chinese Theater Avenue handprint entertainment Tencent American media said, in the Hollywood active for many years Donnie Yen recently received a new Honor: he will arrive in Losangeles Avenue in November 30th press the handprint! Donnie Yen is the second actor to win the prize in Hongkong after Jackie Chan. "Handprint ceremony" began in 1920 held in Losangeles, fingerprints, footprints, signature, these "imprinting" represents the highest honor in the world of film and entertainment industry has the outstanding achievements of human and eternal memory. So far, only less than 200 global stars have a place here, including the United States, the most popular Hollywood movie, more than half. Leaving a mark on Hollywood Walk of Fame is a crowning glory for every movie person in the world! It is not easy for Donnie Yen to win a space for one person to chinese. Donnie Yen has long been active as a superstar on the big screen, and he’s become an independent school "Zhen" Kung Fu expressed more let him become a Chinese action movie icon. Hollywood has long been the fate of Donnie Yen and Hollywood has long been the fate of. Quentin · Tarantino Donnie Yen has long been concerned, 2001 in his promotion, and North America issued the Donnie Yen in 1993 starring film "the young Huang Feihong Iron Monkey". The film in the North American release has been re edited and re soundtrack, and Donnie Yen also with the film won the best action design award in the year of the first session of the world stunt awards. Donnie Yen as a star and martial arts guide at the same time in Hollywood and the Asian film industry has been a great success. He has been involved in the "Macross", "Jihad" and "Shanghai storm Raiders: 2 noon Shanghai Knight" and other films filmed; also in Zhang Yimou’s Oscar nominated film "hero" (the film version, drama version) has a superb Kung Fu performance; directed by "thousand jibian", won the Hongkong Film Awards for best action director award, and soon in the Taiwan golden horse won the same honor. The "SPL" let Donnie Yen won the Hongkong Film Awards for Best Director Award for action. Since then, he continued in the "wick", "special status", the film starred and served as action director, continue to challenge the limits of self. American media said: in the "IP MAN" (TV version of the film version) in the role of Bruce Lee master Yip Man’s experience, Donnie Yen’s occupation career will undoubtedly bring a new level. The history of martial arts masterpiece has proven its success in the Asian film market, but also set off an upsurge in the global context. Among the two sequels to the series, Donnie Yen has been much more successful. The film also confirms Donnie Yen’s highest position in the martial arts film industry. The "IP MAN" series of films fourth are applying for permission. Chinese, Asia, the world is in the "IP MAN", Donnie Yen’s performance is increasingly outstanding, he also by virtue of his performance rather than action won industry praise and many nominations. His performance in the Peter Chan film "martial arts" in more people sit up and take notice, the film was Weinstein film giant acquired North American premiere at the Cannes Film Festival after the copyright.相关的主题文章: