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Double 11 parcel courier tide coming lost through three channels the electricity supplier and courier companies have more employees against online shopping rush. Xinhua News Agency issued a consumer ready to buy buy buy. The Xinhua News Agency Guangzhou daily news (reporter Liang Chaoyi, correspondent Hu Zhihui Tang Nan) "double eleven" coming, people afraid of experiencing troubles most magical express missing in "chop hands" at the same time, in case of this situation should be how to track rights? According to the provisions of courier must be real name, but if personal information leaked how to do? Yesterday morning, the Guangdong Provincial Postal Administration (hereinafter referred to as the "Post Bureau") launched Guangdong hotline live room, to feel the pulse of various courier services in the weapon appeared Difficult miscellaneous diseases. For more than the public to reflect the loss after being hit by the ball, the Provincial Postal Bureau official said, the public can call, WeChat and other channels for complaints in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. In the face of the upcoming "double eleven" express frenzy, remind Postal Bureau, the public online shopping should try to save the relevant documents, once the courier lost disputes, can keep good evidence for their own rights. A case of public express the inexplicable disappearance frequency is "kick the ball" from the Shunde Lecong Mr. Pan introduced in September 27th this year, he put 319 of sports shoes, the rhyme express company in ten batches sent to Shandong Yantai. Of which nine batches are scheduled to reach, but there are a number of but have never been heard of since. Mr. Ban said that the loss of a single there are 42 pairs of shoes, the value of 52 thousand and 800 yuan. By looking for courier records, Mr. Pan found that logistics tracking records remain in September 27th. From the logistics tracking documents Mr. Pan print visible, the remaining few shoes before October 1st after arriving in Yantai, only the number of mantissa is 024 this batch of goods, the final tracking location remained a branch in Guangdong Shunde". In the search for lost goods on the road, he began to be "the ball" course. Mr. Pan first to rhyme courier company Shunde branch to understand the situation, the company responded that the relevant personnel, because it is a contract relationship with other business segments, so how much compensation should be found in the contract negotiations. Mr. Pan was asked to look at the monitor and was told there was no such right. Let Mr. Pan is worried, he went to the police station, the police in this matter is the civil economic disputes as an excuse not to file. Subsequently, Mr. Pan came at the time of the rhyme of Lecong Lake Bay branch. Rhyme express Shunde Lecong Lake Bay branch responsible person responded that through internal video surveillance, Mr. Pan goods in September 27th in Shunde to Guangzhou logistics company on the car, they embrace parts division and is responsible for the transport company is different according to the custom of the contractor, which links a problem by the contractor is responsible for. Mr. Pan was once again kicked the ball". Case two   loss of over 10000 Cordyceps lost only $60? And Mr. Pan’s experience is similar to yesterday’s hot spot hit the Korean lady very anxious. She said that in September 5th the local post office sent a packet of Cordyceps, waiting for three days without news. The recipient side tracking goods.相关的主题文章: