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Down the chain nightmare again? There are two Miss Arsenal title cards asennabenchangbi met a lot of trouble sina sports Emirates, a is not particularly boring 0-0, interrupted the Arsenal six league wins, seven wins in all competitions footsteps. Middlesbrough played tenacious, the ball played a very limited time with the deployment of specific strategies, and A Senna side last season, a problem of exposure, another problem and this season has been in existence, is still not resolved. Arsenal to attack the three area of the passing of the general problem is the first problem in the absence of Cazorla, how to control the midfield problem. The Gunners so far this season to play good enough, of course, and Cazorla’s midfield is closely related to the 31 year old Spanish veteran in the back seat of the ball, grasp the rational choice of forward delivery are obvious to people. The last round of the face of Lou Drogo Meret, Cazorla in fifty-seventh minutes after scoring pass from Mesut Ozil was protective for Wenger after the game, and the game before the game that the Spanish midfielder "kick", so he eventually missed the game list. Before the game, Cazorla’s number 511 successful passes in the Premier League players of all second, enough to see its importance, also the visible out big loss. Arsenal’s attempt to try today’s Arsenal midfielder can’t miss Cazorla, which is not the conclusion of the season. In fact, in November last season Cazorla in the game against Norwich injuries sidelined for several months, is considered by many people as a key factor in the ultimate missed opportunity to lose. Plus round Zacca impulse red off, and Ramsey can’t return, the Arsenal midfielder abundant reserve corps, only Coquelin and El Hei Ni two types of defensive players available, so the lack of sense of hierarchy, lack of creativity in the attack, it is very easy to highlight. Arsenal in the field of the distribution of second problems, it is in the absence of Kyrgyzstan, in the face of more intensive defense how to open the situation. In fact, the problem is even Cazorla can not solve. After the war at Burnley, Arsenal at the end by a controversial goal made lore, Cazorla was also present. If Cazorla, Arsenal in front of more control, can reduce the number of competitors for Arsenal rush to beat back the attacking options, but if Cazorla, when the opponent’s defense and tight level, is also likely to face Arsenal a difficult problem: a small fast spirit front Wenger to create the initial scale of the season sometimes, really need some "unreasonable" weapons. The success of this Boro repeatedly blocking "unreasonable" weapon is giroux. The high center is sometimes difficult in the world of football, although not Giroux’s top scorer, but he is an excellent type of bridgehead center. When you look back at the game for about 80 minutes or so, a series of Arsenal or the bottom of the area to the back of the guards were out, you can not help but miss the existence of Ji lu. The French high center is a heavy weapon, however相关的主题文章: