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Dozens of refugee minors by law authorities cheated out of the refugee camp on the streets – Sohu press the French authorities to clean up even on the northern city of Calais jungle camp, was traced to dozens of minor "cheat" to private after you walk away, and they slept on the streets in cold weather. A number of non-governmental organizations have criticized the French and British government in violation of human rights, regardless of minors. British authorities have protested to France, urging immediate accommodation for these children. The French authorities began to clean up the "Jungle" refugee camp from 24, the British "Guardian" reported on 27, in the clean-up operation, up to 50 minors by French law enforcement officers "cheat" to private, waiting for the bus to send them in the refugee resettlement center. However, the French authorities promised the bus has not disappeared, but there are a large number of police holding shields, tear gas and Taser rushed to the scene. The police immediately disperse the minors, including people, forcing many children to withdraw to a nearby alley. Some children are aware of and on the streets, began to cry. These minor refugees aged between 14 and 17 years old. Because of the cold weather, the children huddled together against the wall, wrapped in blankets. However, British politicians now in Calais? Sheehan check "Jungle" in the refugee camp. She said that a United Nations treaty stipulates that minors are entitled to special care and assistance, and the United Kingdom, France is the signatory of the treaty, they are in defiance of the law". Save the children spokesman Dorothea sang? Criticism: "these children are again thrown into the woods. The ruling authorities once again walk away, the mess lost to charity pack." It is understood that the French authorities previously promised refugee minors to arrange accommodations, so save the children of the volunteers who helped the French law enforcement officers persuaded the child to leave the jungle camp, but the French authorities failed to deliver. The British Home Secretary Anber? Ladd 27, and the French Interior Minister Bernard? Kazenafu dialogue, urged the French authorities to protect refugee minors. Under pressure, the French police have allowed more than 70 adult refugees and minors to return to the jungle refugee camp overnight, living in an abandoned school without heating.相关的主题文章: