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Jilin Dunhua procuratorate filed an administrative public interest litigation in Dunhua Land Bureau Beijing newspaper Beijing on 8 October, (reporter Dai Jia) reporter today from the Supreme People’s Procuratorate learned that the day before, Jilin Province, Dunhua city procuratorate by the Dunhua Municipal Bureau of land and resources do not perform their duties according to law, the administrative public welfare lawsuit according to law to the court in the city of Dunhua. In May 2014 and July, Sun Liguo Dunhua City Jiangnan Town Residents victory Street residents Ma Lisheng, Dunhua City unapproved, unauthorized occupation of collective land housing respectively, Ma Lisheng covers an area of 1495 square meters, covers an area of 1366 square meters of Sun Liguo. Dunhua land and Resources Bureau of Ma Lisheng, respectively, to make administrative punishment, but the two pay a fine, did not follow the decision to dismantle the illegal building in accordance with the decision of the building in the. Dunhua City Land Resources Bureau in accordance with the law to the court to apply for enforcement, but then withdrew the application for enforcement. In January 18th this year, Dunhua city procuratorate to the Dunhua City Land Resources Bureau issued a prosecution proposal, request to take immediate and effective measures to dismantle the law, land and resources (2015) new fines in the illegal occupation of land building No. twenty-third, No. thirty-fourth administrative penalty decision is determined and other facilities. Dunhua Municipal Bureau of land and resources issued administrative punishment decision, and the decision to re apply to the court for enforcement. In the case has been accepted by the court, the Dunhua municipal land and Resources Bureau to apply for withdrawal of the application. At present, illegal occupation of arable land act not according to law for up to two years time, the 2766 square meters of land is still illegal occupation, the state and public interests is still in the damaged state, as land resources supervision department, Dunhua Municipal Bureau of land and resources are illegal to perform supervisory duties behavior. For the protection of land resources, maintaining national and social public interests, Dunhua city procuratorate according to the "Standing Committee of National People’s Congress on Authorizing the Supreme People’s Procuratorate in some areas to carry out the pilot work of the decision" public interest litigation "procuratorate public interest litigation pilot scheme" and other relevant provisions, on the case to the court of Dunhua city administrative public welfare lawsuit.相关的主题文章: