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East Timor Australia to Shanghai Australia: non binding arbitration dental Sohu news [Global Times correspondent in Australia Li Feng was reported to East Timor] because of the Permanent Court of arbitration in Hague, Australian Foreign Minister Bishop and attorney general Brandis issued a joint statement on August 29th, called East Timor in the Australian Maritime Delimitation disputes and proposed the establishment of the mediation committee do not have the legal authority to hold hearings on maritime delimitation, Australia will not admit the legal effect. And last month, the Hague provisional arbitration tribunal on the South China Sea issue of illegal arbitration, the Australian Foreign Minister Bishop asked China to respect the legally binding ruling". The issue of maritime delimitation between Australia and East Timor has been deadlocked for decades. In East Timor by the Indonesian rule, "the Timor Sea" on the plurality of rich oil and gas resources, tens of billions of dollars worth of the area, most of them are zoned to australia. 2002, on the eve of independence in East Timor, Australia, according to the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea, 298th issued a statement of exclusion, announced that it does not accept the provisions of the Convention on maritime delimitation dispute settlement procedures. East Timor believes, according to the "middle line" principle, the Timor Sea oil and gas zone in most of the area is located in the East Timor sea rights area, so the requirements and Macao through negotiation or the judicial way to solve the problem of maritime boundaries between the two countries. In this regard, Australia not only ignored, but stepped up efforts to snatch oil and gas resources. In 2006, under pressure from all sides, the Australian government and East Timor to negotiate a new agreement, to be shared equally between the two countries in oil and gas resources in the Timor sea. However, in 2012 the Australian intelligence agencies monitor the foreign government scandal, including eavesdropping in the sea resource allocation negotiations the government of East Timor timor. In March this year, East Timor Wenshang million people surrounded in East Timor capital Dili, the Australian Embassy, Macao Timor Sea requirements designated permanent boundaries. In 2009, Australia and New Zealand to resolve maritime delimitation disputes on the basis of the "middle line" principle. But when it came to East Timor, the Australian government suddenly seemed to have never heard of the "middle line". Even "the Australian" all commented, Australia can not put in the restaurant menu as the international rules, often you love, and love is not to ignore. Australia must sit down and engage in serious negotiations with East Timor, had to correct mistakes, stop to the young and poor country survival resources.相关的主题文章: