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Health The first time I ever heard about Electronic Cigarettes, smokeless cigarettes, I was confused. Immediately, the image that came to mind of Electronic Cigarettes was of someone with a device like a video game console joystick poking out of someone’s mouth, cord trailing from the end to the wall socket. I was almost diverted from my curiosity about what Electronic Cigarettes looked like as I imagined the person playing the device like a video game. I just couldn’t imagine how anything that went in one’s mouth would be electronic. So I looked it up on the Internet, quickly educated on what Electronic Cigarettes looked like. Then I wondered what Electronic Cigarettes use to provide flavor. I found out. Best E-juice. First we had E-mail, and then we had E-.merce, and now E-juice, made of water vapor or steam. I wondered what kind of flavors one could use for the Best E-juice? I don’t smoke, so the thought of cigarettes had never appealed to me. But a water based liquid could have any flavor. I could believe the term Best E-juice might be applicable if it tasted like vanilla or cherries. I like fruit flavors. Candy had some good flavors. Imagine a sour apple flavored sucker or hazelnut. Would candy be.e the Best E-Candy like E-juice in the future? I mean, imagine if we could suck on E-candy for the flavor and oral fix without the risk of sugar and obesity. Hold on, I’ll be right back. I should patent that idea. E-Sugar, as wonderful as the Best E-Juice! I could totally live with having a yummy tasting E-Thing to satisfy my food cravings without the risk of pesky calories or carbohydrates getting in my way. Smoking used to be that way. I never minded my friends smoking but I didn’t like the smoke. My thoughts return to this novelty of Best E-Juice I see that goes hand-in-hand with smokeless cigarettes. Then I thought, "I see skies of blue!" because there’d be no smoke, get it? I guess if my friends used smokeless cigarettes that’s one pesky problem eliminated but I’m a bit disappointed I can’t play video games on a console they can hold in their mouths while they get their oral fix. It had potential. I mean what if it had to be moved around like the new fangled video consoles to imitate motion? That would have been funny. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: