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Eliminating the middle financial myth 100 million investment property is only the threshold Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Li Yian cash king? Or configure risk-free income products? Is no longer active management, but to fight the security of the winter war. Who are afraid to pick up the property market last flower drum! Yes, inside and outside the market, a broad concept but the face of vague groups are staged a wealth of war. Serving the middle position in a foreign bank Miss Lin very lucky completed residential replacement in the middle of last year, in the past more than a year, Shanghai inner housing prices have risen by 70%, including residential property, total assets among the millions of sequences, so in a round of price rise, was not so zaoxin. "Will you vote for P2P?" When it comes to financial management, she asked the reporter. She is on the professional financial institutions trust is very limited, in the past few years, has been in a piecemeal manner in which the practice of financial management, there is no long-term strategy. In addition to fixed income financial, Miss Lin tried to Ping wealth treasure, Noah wealth platform for financial products, even in the melting point of the network, pat loans these have a certain brand of network lending platform, investment, words, she showed on the financial confusion, "despite having close to 3 million investment assets, while about 3000000 of the housing mortgage need to slowly repay. Therefore, financial management is really just need." If you want to describe a pair of Chinese middle-class people, Miss Lin is not the only one. In fact, this year and customer exchanges, whether it is high net worth customers or ordinary white-collar workers are very anxious." Shanghai Noah wealth wealth management center business Deputy General told the economic observer, can obviously feel the "cash is king" phenomenon, "because there is no what good investment channels, we are more inclined to some current or short term financial products, to ensure the flexibility of funds." How to define the middle middle financial myth? This is a broad and vague concept of the group. Their annual household income is usually between 500 thousand and 1 million, with decent work, intellectual labor, pay attention to lifestyle and quality of life. According to the definition of Swiss Investment Bank Credit Suisse, the middle class refers to the level of 50 thousand -50 million free assets. In the current exchange rate of RMB against the U.S. dollar, between 330 thousand and 3 million 300 thousand. Swiss Investment Bank Credit Suisse analysts said that in 2015 the number of Chinese middle class reached 109 million, the first time beyond the number of Americans in the middle class (92 million). In fact, in addition to UBS, Forbes and other institutions have tried to define the wealth of the middle class, but the caliber is not the same or even far. We define the customer’s assets, there are usually two dimensions of investment and total assets. There is a buffer between these two definitions, that is, the customer’s real estate, as well as some assets are difficult to be realized directly, especially real estate, many customers in real estate assets accounted for more than 50%相关的主题文章: