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Even the 360 cloud disk have announced the withdrawal, the operator will do it? Cloud disk 360 closed cloud disk, this thing can be small. I have a lot of customers around the 360 cloud disk, these days are constantly complaining. Began to close the business advice, it would be good to use things, how to say it off? Later on the experience of the past few days, there are views, suspected turtle speed download, with a few tens of thousands of K rate to download the dozens of TB documents, do not know when to get to God horse. There is some views on the closing time, the end of October made the announcement in November 1st to stop cloud upload and transfer, if by February next year before those not finished downloading data backup, all has not! Internet Co has always stressed the customer experience and free mode, this does not allow users. Some people take this thing to hit Zhou Hongyi in the face, find out a few years ago launched the 360 cloud disk operations of the heroic Utterance: " what 1T, 10T, 360 cloud disk space, permanent free, direct the lives, who dare to? " why is there such a misfortune. Some people say that is the cost of the pressure, take the formula, so that the size of the support business needs much investment, even with the former vice president of the 360 point to verify, seem to confirm because of cost pressure to the Internet can not stand the nouveau riche. Some analysts say it is safe and control problems, even that is a common requirement for the Central Propaganda Department and the public security department, make Baidu had repeatedly rumor, said their SkyDrive business will not change. What is the reason that the 360 would also want to close the cloud was hit in the face, how outsiders analysis are guessing, personal sorrow and joy perhaps is always a mystery. 360 after the closure of the cloud disk, and some people said: our opportunity to come. Who? Is the Internet Co under pressure three operators. Originally three operators are similar to the cloud disk and personal cloud storage business. China Mobile called " and ", a China Telecom called cloud; " cloud Tianyi " Chinese, China Unicom is called a " Waugh cloud ". For operators, these services should be regarded as the earliest operators to do cloud service products, and even some Internet Co do even earlier. But the Internet Co through the continuous improvement of customer experience catch up from behind, and strengthen the interaction with customers, so that users of the network storage usage frequency and the viscosity is more and more strong. In contrast, operators, just to provide a storage space on the cloud, there is no marketing and no interaction, like a cold safe there, love not to use. The user’s rate is very low, a long time, in addition to ten once had among the big SkyDrive Tianyi cloud, even the operators themselves may forget there is such a business. 360 cloud disk exit for operators engaged in the business of the people renewed hope: on the one hand is a strong opponent out of the race, on the other hand, the user has a document stored in the cloud and forwarding habits, this look out of the market space, there is opportunity for operators? What’s more, whether it is the cost or security, home big business operators are confident that these are not things. Then there is相关的主题文章: