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Carolyn Hansen, an ex-national bodybuilding champion based in New Zealand has just released a new product, showing others how to improve their metabolism. According to Carolyn, for an individual to achieve fitness and sustain that fitness for the long term, three main .ponents have to be in place. First, an individual must learn to improve the body’s metabolic rate. The metabolic rate is the speed at which the body converts oxygen and food into energy. This is the foundation to a healthier body. When the metabolism rate is increased, the body burns calories faster, even when the individual is at rest. In other words, calories are burnt throughout the day. This is achieved by partaking in strength training, which helps to build lean muscle mass. The core program, Hot Metabolism, reveals all the secrets of improving the metabolic rate. The 50-page manual provides excellent information on how metabolism works. This background information is important and acts as the spring board for the strength training exercise programs and eating plans, which is included with the purchase. Highlights of the Hot Metabolism manual includes: * Cutting edge research – why only 2 to 6 percent of all attempts at weight loss are successful. * Everything you ever wanted to know about why diets don’t work. * How your DNA affects your weight loss program. * Latest scientific discoveries. * Long list of activities that switch your metabolism ON or OFF. * HGH – The fountain of youth. The second .ponent of the system goes straight into the exercises. As an ex-bodybuilding champ and a fitness center owner, Carolyn has abundant experience and knowledge to share. For the past 30 years, she has helped thousands of customers achieve the fitness levels that they desire. Her work has allowed her to perfect her fitness system, and she is sharing everything she knows in this 3 in 1 system. Before discussing the exercises, Carolyn goes into great depth about how a fitness enthusiast can benefit from the re.mended exercises. The reader immediately learns what works, and what doesn’t. Hence, workouts be.e shorter and more effective. In exercise program , the reader gets to pick up: * The exact exercises to perform for maximum results. * A list of core exercises that help an individual achieve most of the results. * How exercises should be performed – .plete with clear illustrations. * Specific instructions to help an individual stay on the exercise program, even if the individual is a .plete beginner. Learning how to exercise properly to improve metabolism is only part of the equation. To achieve the desired goal, which is to grow fitter and be.e healthier, one has to learn to eat right as well. According to Carolyn, learning the types of exercises to perform and paying attention to proper form is very important. When an individual goes through a workout, he or she is sending instructions to the body to build, grow and repair. That is how the body be.es stronger. But in order to carry out the workouts consistently and for the body to grow stronger in tandem, one has to learn how to eat right as well. Learning how to eat right can be a formidable challenge, especially for beginners. That is because there is just too much information in the marketplace and consumers are finding it hard to discern good advice from bad advice. Having worked with thousands of clients, Carolyn has learned what foods to eat and what foods to avoid years ago. Not only is the type of food important, the frequency of meals and the timing of meals are equally important factors as well. For these reasons, the perfect diet plan continues to be elusive for many. To over.e this challenge, Carolyn has designed a .prehensive eating plan that will be included in the system. Eating plan highlights. * Learn how the body stores fat automatically if an individual is not eating right. * How to keep metabolism rate revved. * Guide to a .plete balanced diet. * Types of foods to consume for each meal, and types of foods to avoid. * Learn to "eyeball" standard portion sizes. * How one can indulge in "forbidden" food and not gain weight. * Sample meal plans. The average person has to cope with lots of daily demands. And these demands have made it difficult for many to eat well. Based on her experience, Carolyn has .e up with practical solutions for sticking to the eating plan, even if one finds it hard to find time to prepare the necessary meals. These three essential manuals make up the .plete system that Carolyn has to offer. 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