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Expatriates in Taiwan street performances was Taiwan urchin netizens: the failure of Education – Beijing [global network reporter Zhao Yanlong reported Taiwan Tainan city] field street performers performing in the streets "bubble art" period, children will get even the performer the bubble burst one by one, so that the performers face, but the child’s parents did not to stop or blame, make Taiwan netizens for street performances called "poor." Hongkong East network reported on 14 November, Taipei city Zhongshan street art device near the MRT station about two weeks before the occurrence of damage in children clouds modeling, there are people to be discouraged, but the parents actually also for children "escort", the incident subsequently circulated on the Internet and caused great controversy. In Tainan yesterday also have similar incidents, one surnamed Li female users in facebook "broke the commune" refers to the document field street performers performing "bubble art", has encountered a number of children continue to break the performers get bubbles, Li refers to "people face is very obvious that the parents. Do not see, Li bluntly for the poor performers feel"". Many Internet users also look after the performers for the injustice, said the performer’s expression is helpless…" "Lose face"… Where is the failure of the true failure "," where is the parent education…" "Is it difficult to respect?" Do not give money, there are Internet users more ridicule, it will not be cotton candy (cloud installation art) event of the parents it, the next performance may be set up a card warning".相关的主题文章: