Expert net about car pricing will be more expensive than a taxi three to 50% –

Expert: net about car pricing will be more expensive than a taxi three to 50% – Beijing, by raising the threshold will not lead to the number of network about cars plummeted, and soaring fare? The new regulations can be successfully landed? Yesterday, the Municipal Transportation Commission Transportation Bureau of Beijing network about the new car workshop, Beijing has just been released on the net about the car, taxi reform three draft to the taxi development orientation, taxi network about car prices and other core issues are discussed. Experts expect the network about the car pricing than the expensive three to 50% taxi cruise. Asked whether 1 will introduce penalties yesterday, traffic experts, legal experts, network about the car company representatives, drivers and other personnel involved in the meeting. Deputy director of the Municipal Transportation Committee, said Ma Rui, Beijing, the three document is the core issue of a clear positioning of Beijing taxi. Beijing rules clear the direction of the parade taxi reform. Relevant responsible person said, Beijing will no longer be introduced about the relevant provisions of the vehicle punishment regulations, will be issued by the Ministry of transport network booking taxi service management Interim Measures, etc.. Asked the 2 will reduce the car number of the public, Beijing on the net about car displacement, wheelbase threshold, will make a considerable part of the existing network about car drivers exit about car service network. In this regard, transportation experts Xu Kangming introduction, many international cities are classified hierarchical taxi management. Beijing requirements for the network about the car has been relatively broad". In his view, the provisions of the network about Beijing car displacement, wheelbase and so is to meet the differentiated services to meet the needs of high-quality crowd travel. 3 questions will not lead to soaring prices for drops and other new deal about network platform will cause the number of car prices plummeted, soaring, experts believe that the new deal will not lead to soaring prices. Network about the emergence of the car is not a taxi with the taxi market, but to serve the high-end market." Transportation expert Xu Kangming bluntly, differences in management strategy will make use of the original parade car high-income groups in the use of high-end network about cars, making more resources to give the general public taxi cruise. Network about car pricing is expected to be higher than 30% to cruising taxi to 50%". In addition, some experts believe that the traffic department should increase the corresponding provisions, avoid behavior increases at present about the car platform in remote areas or bad weather "looting" like, given the government guidance price or limit price limit. Asked whether the strict implementation of the new regulations for Beijing three documents, the Beijing Morning Post reporter yesterday also interviewed a number of taxi drivers and network about car driver. Among them, the Beijing Beijing car network about car driver Wang is more depressed, his car is the displacement of 1.4T, does not meet the requirements of the network about car 1.8T. To this end, he is hesitant is a new car or simply give up about pulling the car. Several traditional taxi drivers, said the new regulations landing is a good thing for them. It depends on the actual implementation of the law, such as law enforcement, network about the specific price of the car." Taxi driver sun master said. Beijing morning news reporter Cao Jingrui相关的主题文章: