Famous Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs but not only. – Sohu to eat and drink dachiyouxiang

"Famous" Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs but not only. Sohu and reputation in the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, mentioned in the outsiders in the sense of thought is the most direct Yangcheng Lake hairy crab. This is of course for the Yangcheng Lake tour once a year the event — the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs catchable Festival comes unexpectedly "plump" understanding of the Yangcheng lake…… The crabs start out of Wuxi airport, and did not look in the cool. Probably because of this event will be all over the country, businessmen, crab farming job – to attract to Suzhou at the end of September than expected a lot of hot. (no Suzhou airport, each plane is to Wuxi Airport, from the city of Suzhou is very close, but also convenient)? A road sign over many activities. ? September 23rd, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs catchable Festival Lotus Island held the day of the event is this. A variety of electricity providers to seize the initiative, which is definitely a struggle with the time there is no smoke only the smell of war. In the electricity supplier on the spot can order. ? one is a fishing festival opening ceremony venue; side is the sample site. A fishing festival opening ceremony of the overall activities as follows a fishing festival opening ceremony? The boat out of the lake to watch the grand tasting is caught fishing? The steamed crabs catchable Festival at the opening ceremony of the first is a simple song and dance performances, followed by a speech of various leaders, representatives of the electricity supplier…… Worth mentioning, I expect the lake to see fishing trip. Cruise two layer packed with various media, did not slack, ignoring the sinister sun, early to seize a favorable position. Across the Seine, not too close to the distance, around the crabs breeding base early fishing boats on standby, only the net password issued. After the sun is more than and 20 minutes of exposure, however, can see all sorts of crabs to the scene, everything is worth it! Here is the first net root ah Yangcheng Lake ~2016 year seedlings of red crabs living like this and then jump my eyes, the scene should be recalled for a long time. At the moment although the taste of crab paste over the meat fat the best tasting period, only about 3.5 to about two, also deliver the goods. There are friends circle of friends to see the crab pomp, asked, "a few days ago had the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, is false?" Bingo~~9 23 days before opening the lake…… Do you think (silent) test (sad). On the spot to capture the fresh crabs, was sent to the shore site cooking, they are best today, the visitors busy ride and lead crab pictures. (crabs best tasting period is coming, unable to bear the first few female crab snack bar.) There are too many people here, we change the environment a good place to eat our exclusive to the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs to a short day ~ ~ the video recording video is very small, at least. A fishing festival officially began, not far from the paddy fields, summer autumn gradually exit, raging. Jiangnan autumn girl like cheerful mind, indirect but clear. Haruki lake house here is me ~ to eat crab exclusive "Haruki" — the first…相关的主题文章: