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Travel-and-Leisure Instead of wearing a hat to a stylish party, the way to stand out from a crowd is to wear a feather fascinator. Fascinators are created out of feathers, beads, silk and other such materials to be worn as headpieces. If you are looking for a new way to dress more elegantly, you should seriously consider trying them out. They are perfect for informal occassions and even for more serious occassions, such as a wedding day. You can find them attached to barrettes, headbands and .bs, so you there are all sorts of different ways to attach it to your hair. You can find them online or in finer millinery stores. They .e bespoke or off the peg so you can chose what suits you.Since many women don’t wear fascinators, when you wear one, you will be remembered. It could even be.e your signature look, wearing a fascinator when you dress up or for special occasions. A fascinator will make you stand out in a crowd and be remembered. You want to show your personal style and individuality. This is one quick and easy way that you can do that. Your headpiece will show everyone that you aren’t afraid to be unique, show your individual style and try something new. Let everyone who you are and what you like.Fascinators can be large and flamboyant or small and discreet. You can find something that makes a big bold statement in capital letters. Or, you can find a fascinator that is quieter and smaller. It still makes a statement, but instead of something that loudly states who you are and what your style is, the smaller ones make a quieter statement. They still show your personal style. They are a good place to start out when wearing a fascinator if you are nervous about wearing one of the bigger and bolder styles. Or, step out in a bold step, and go big. So, if you want to stand out in a crowd and make yourself known, look into fascinators, feathered hats or other feathered headpieces. Find some online and show a personal style. There are online stores where you can find them already made or you can talk to their designers and make one that suits you exactly, in your own style, with colors that .pliment what you will be choosing to wear. Fascinators are a fashion trend which will not be going away any time soon. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: