Female college student on his way to school lost contact with the family had received SMS to the sch-9c8921

Female college student on his way to school lost contact with the family had received SMS to the school "original title: Xuzhou a female college student on his way to school lost contact with family members, teachers and classmates for two days no results, please kindly provide clues to express news (reporter Li Weihao) the morning of February 24th, a 19 year old female students from Xuzhou home in Peixian according to the school on the way to Zhenjiang, lost contact, family, teachers and students to find, but no results. Li Rumeng is a freshman of accounting class 1555 at Hongshan College of Nanjing University of Finances and Economics (Zhenjiang campus). He lost contact on the way back to school on February 24th. Her cousin Miao lady told the modern express reporter, Li Rumeng bought the K187 train ticket, this train starts from Xuzhou at 8 o’clock, and arrives in Zhenjiang at 12:54. Under normal circumstances, she would be able to get to school that afternoon." However, Li Rumeng did not return to school on time. Ms. Miao said, about 9 o’clock in the morning, Li Rumeng called home, said he was already in the car". At 6 o’clock in the evening, the family received a message sent by Li Rumeng phone number, saying that he was already in school. But around 9 p.m., the school called and said, "Li Rumeng didn’t go back to school. Li Rumeng’s class instructor Wang Wei told Modern Express reporter, February 24th at 1 o’clock, and Li Rumeng roommate once, asked her what time to go to school. At that time, Li Rumeng said he was in the car, probably at 4 o’clock in the afternoon can go to school. Later, the roommate found out that Li Rumeng had shut down, and he had never been in school. "After the event, we went to ZhenJiang Railway Station, did not query her out of the station records, monitoring did not see her figure." Miao lady told the modern express reporter, before returning to school, Li Rumeng and his family did not have a contradiction. "On the night of February 24th, the message that my family had received was already in school, and it was very suspicious." Ms. Lee said that at present, the family has reported to the police. When Li Rumeng returned to school, he was dressed in gray clothes, wearing black underpants, carrying blue and yellow colored bags, dragging the pink suitcase." Miao lady said, hope good people can help to provide clues. Editor in chief: Ni Zijian

女大学生返校途中失联 家人曾收“到学校”短信   原标题:徐州一女大学生返校途中失联   家人、老师、同学找了两天没结果,请好心人提供线索   快报讯(记者 李伟豪)2月24日早上,一名19岁的女大学生从徐州沛县的家中出发,前往学校所在的镇江途中失联,家人、老师和同学多方寻找,但没结果。   李茹梦是南京财经大学红山学院(镇江校区)会计1555班的大一学生,于2月24日返校报到的途中失联。她的表姐苗女士告诉现代快报记者,李茹梦买的是K187次火车票,这趟车8点钟从徐州出发,12点54分到达镇江。“正常情况下,当天下午,她就能到校了。”   然而,李茹梦并没有按时返校。苗女士说,上午大概9点钟,李茹梦给家里打电话说自己“已经在车上了”。当天傍晚6点钟,家人收到了李茹梦手机号码发来的一条信息,称自己已经在学校里了。但是,当晚9点左右,学校打来电话说,李茹梦并没有返校。   李茹梦的班级辅导员王伟告诉现代快报记者,2月24日下午1点来钟,室友曾和李茹梦联系,问她什么时候能到校。当时,李茹梦说自己“在车上”,大概下午4点钟就能到学校。后来,室友发现李茹梦关机了,人也一直未到校报到。“事后,我们去镇江火车站,没有查询到她的出站记录,监控也没看到她的身影。”   苗女士告诉现代快报记者,在返校前,李茹梦和家人没有发生矛盾。“2月24日晚上,家人收到的那条‘已经在学校’的短信,很让人怀疑。”李女士说,目前,家人已向警方报案。   “李茹梦返校时,上身穿灰色衣服,下身穿黑色打底裤,背着蓝黄迷彩色书包,拖着粉色旅行箱。”苗女士说,希望好心人能帮忙提供线索。 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: