Female college students have been attacked by rape and self portraits in protest (video)-googims

Female college students who have been raped during sexual self protest according to the "New York Daily News" reported: because of carrying on campus sexual violence crime and mingzaoyishi mattress protest Columbia graduates Emma Surkh Vic Azee (Emma Sulkowicz) recently launched a new "art works" against rape. But this time, she was almost rebounded by public opinion. The new works of Surkh Vic Azee is a video length of 8 minutes, in the form of the surveillance video of how she in a dormitory and a man from the original two intimate interaction, the development process of violence she was raped. In the video, the audience could see the anonymous man fan her ear, draw her neck, tear the condom open, and force her to have a sexual relationship. Lowicz surco to the work with the French named "this is not a rape". In her introduction to the page, she explained that the work was not reproducing the August 2012 night, and asked for the correct motivation to watch the video. "Please don’t take part in the rape of me. Watch with good faith. " The response of Internet users to this video is almost a one-sided negative. Many netizens commented that the taste of the work was low, and it was not a good way to continue to disseminate her anti sex information. Some netizens said that this is simply a "disgusting little porn"; others say, surco lowicz is "sick". "If you are a pornographic actor, people may be able to respect you more. At least you are honest with yourself and others. " One comment says, "no other rape victim will do this, especially one who claims to be so traumatized like you." At present, this video can’t be played online. Surkh Vic Azee claimed in August 2012 by the same school student Paul jesser (Paul Nungesser) south of rape, but the school in the investigation will not be expelled from the boys, lowicz surco then started his "carry mattress" behavior art protest. According to reports from Paul and lowicz surco first started dating, entering the second, two people became the new campus tour organizers. After an organizer party, Paul and Surkh Vic Azee had sex in the dorms of the latter. According to the description, the beginning is consensual, but in the process of Paul suddenly brutal, strangling her neck and slapped her, despite her struggle and then say "no", and the occurrence of compulsive behavior. Editor’s note: the video is not related to the original text. It is only for the extended reading prison for men in the late night, with a handkerchief covered with a handkerchief.

女大学生曾遭强奸 自拍性侵过程以示抗议 据《纽约每日新闻》报道:曾因在校园内扛床垫抗议性侵暴力犯罪而名噪一时的哥大毕业生埃玛•苏尔科维克兹(Emma Sulkowicz)近日推出新的行为艺术“作品”抗议强奸行为。不过这一次,她受到舆论几乎一边倒的反弹。苏尔科维克兹的新作品是一段长度8分钟左右的视频,以监控录像的形式表现了她如何在一间宿舍内和一男子从原本两情相悦的亲密互动,发展到她被暴力强奸的过程。视频中,观众可以看到这名匿名男子扇她耳光,勒她脖子,撕开安全套,强迫她发生了性关系的整个过程。苏尔科维克兹给这部作品用法文起名为“这不是一次强奸”。她在页面介绍中说明,这个作品并不是在重现2012年8月那晚的情形,并要求观看这段视频的人动机正确。“请不要参与对我的强奸。带着善意观看。”网友对这段视频的反应几乎是一边倒的负面。不少网友评论,这个作品品味低劣,绝不是继续传播她反性侵信息的好方式。有网友说,这简直就是个“令人作呕的小黄片”;还有人说,苏尔科维克兹就是“病态”。“你如果就当上了色情演员,人们可能还能更尊重你点。至少那样你还是对自己和其他人诚实。”一条评论中说,“没有其他哪个强奸受害者会这么做,尤其是哪个像你这样声称自己受到了那么大创伤的人。”目前,这段视频已经无法在线播放。苏尔科维克兹曾声称自己于2012年8月被同校学生保罗•南杰瑟(Paul Nungesser)强奸,不过校方在调查后没有将男生开除,苏尔科维克兹随后便开始自己的“扛床垫”行为艺术抗议。据报道苏尔科维克兹与保罗从大一开始交往,进入大二时,两人成了新生参观校园活动的组织者。在一次组织者聚会之后,保罗和苏尔科维克兹在后者宿舍内发生性行为。根据女方描述,一开始是两厢情愿的,但过程中保罗突然粗暴起来,扼住她脖子并掌掴她,接着不顾她的挣扎和明确说“不”,强迫与之发生性行为。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 监拍男子深夜性侵女性 先用手帕捂鼻致晕相关的主题文章: