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Finally do not delete the iPhone7 package exposure capacity upgrade [IT168] – Sohu digital information for iPhone users not enough storage space but not expansion is a big pain point, especially now APP increasingly larger, adding LivePhoto and 4K video also consume a lot of storage space, for the purchase of small capacity iPhone users every day to delete delete delete became commonplace. After the news broke the fuselage storage space will be upgraded to iPhone7 32GB started, now netizen exposure iPhone7 packing box, packing box information display iPhone7 32GB the teenager started, the maximum will be built-in 256GB of storage space, if this is the case, the majority of users can finally not busy day to delete something. Two spy photos show iPhone7 will have 32GB and 256GB capacity version, it is reported that in the two versions will also have a version of 128GB. Packaging information display, in addition to iPhone7 Plus phone, but also provides a EarPods headset (Lighting connector), Lightning to headphone jack converter, Lightning to USB cable and USB power converter and other accessories. So, want to use the headset to listen to music while charging is not possible. As we are most concerned about the price, sources said yesterday, iPhone7 iPhone7, 32GB 128GB and Plus are available in 256GB version, which iPhone7 is 5288 yuan 6088 yuan 7088 yuan, iPhone7 Plus is priced 6088 yuan 6888 yuan 7888 yuan.相关的主题文章: