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Podcasting Podcasts are audio and video (many times referred to as a vidcasts) broadcasts which are published to the Internet via RSS feeds. Podcasts are being downloaded from all over the Internet, from people all over the world. They’re being published from both amateurs, who see podcasting as an interesting hobby, and large organizations, who see the huge potential for profits in podcasting. The Internet is loaded with millions of readily available and free podcasts, which are updated on a regular basis. The rapid increase in broadband Internet connections has helped fuel the exploding popularity of podcasts and vidcasts, with more users than ever able to download large media files. With this rapid increase in popularity, there has also been an intense business interest from those who want to provide hosting, production, and directory services. You can search Google and Yahoo for podcasts on topics that would interest you, and most often once you have found one, there will be information available on how to subscribe. Searching and surfing the Internet for podcasts can be hit of miss, and can take a lot of time. Better yet, perhaps you should try a podcast directory. As fast as podcasts began to appear on the Internet, so did podcast directories. Podcast directories offer the distinct advantage that they only list podcasts, and many times they are broken down into categories, which only make finding what you want even easier. Most podcast directories also provide links to download individual podcasts themselves, although once you find podcasts, which you enjoy listening to, you should consider finding an aggregator to collect the podcasts for you. Aggregators are programs, both PC based and web-based, which collect the information which is sent through syndication feeds. There are several podcast and news aggregators available on the Internet, and a majority of them are available for free. These information aggregators will bring all the information that you want, together into once place. They will download information, as it is updated, to your .puter, for your consumption at a later time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: