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Movies-TV There are great actors, and there are those who manage to charm people, even when they aren’t working with a particularly fabulous script. One of the major success stories in the latter category is Owen Wilson, whose sweet smile and aw shucks demeanor make him a favorite for audiences and directors alike. Instead of getting stuck in the role of playing .ic foils for buddies, Wilson has also managed to get himself into a Woody Allen film, start up a hugely successful ouvre with best friend Wes Anderson, and generally make people forget his flops. For those with HDTV sets who want to revisit his career, here are five great Owen Wilson films to catch on satellite tv. #1 – Zoolander. This hilarious and criminally under-appreciated send-up of the world of male modeling features Owen Wilson and Ben Affleck as clueless yet hilarious male models. Wilson’s character is the cool, bohemian next generation, and his take on stereotypes of hip himbos is spot-on. It’s that kind of .edy that is actually going to keep audiences laughing, even after they’ve already watched it a couple of times, and the walk-off scene, with David Bowie as the judge, is still the show-stopper, no matter how many times one happens to have seen the film before. #2 – The Royal Tenenbaums. This is the zany Owen Wilson role that most people think of when they think of his work with Wes Anderson. Playing a drugged-out author who marches to the beat of his own drummer while secretly wishing he was a Tenenbaum, too, Wilson really does bring a great energy to an already fabulous film. Definitely a highly quotable performance, too. A touching story of a family that feels like it’s out of the pages of a children’s book, it’s a great pick when it’s on satellite tv, no matter one’s mood. #3 – Marley & Me. This is a film that tends to make people of both genders cry a great deal, even though it’s based on a column from a Florida newspaper writer. Watching Wilson play someone who is going from post-adolescence into adulthood and the .ic yet tragic experience of raising a pup are both endearing, though keep tissues on hand for the water works that are bound to follow. #4 – Bottle Rocket. This is where Wilson got his start as an actor and as a writer. The short film that was a university project down in Texas got turned into a low-budget feature that ended up winning over critics left and right. It’s a great place to check out Wilson’s boundless optimism and his ability for playing oddballs who are still highly likable. #5 – Meet the Parents. The film on this list most likely to be on satellite tv at any given moment in time, and the only funny part of the "Meet the — " franchise. Here, Wilson plays opposite Ben Stiller again, this time as the perfect ex boyfriend for his current fiance. With that little bit of smugness that makes him so likable, Wilson tends to steal the show, even with so much other .edy flying around the set. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: