Foreign friends with meteorites for girlfriend production from the stars engagement ring-whereisip

Foreign friends for his girlfriend made by a meteorite from the stars "engagement ring original title: foreign friends by making meteorites for his girlfriend" from the stars "engagement ring in November 4, according to foreign media reports, what kind of engagement ring the most memorable? Ring, ring, or a ring? In order to propose marriage to a lover, a foreign friend made a unique "from the stars of the ring". According to reports, this male friends said he did not want to go to the jewelry store to buy the ring, but want to fall in love for 6 years and his lover do what special things. So, he spent $140 on the Internet to buy a piece of 120 grams of meteorites. Make an engagement ring with this meteorite. The process of making the ring is relatively simple, the name of the user on the meteorite drilled a hole, cutting its external edge, and then carried out inside and outside polishing. However, such a small ring, making time to spend more than 2 months. This user admits, in order to take time to work, he had to find excuses to hide his girlfriend. However, the fact that these two months of Kung Fu no white flowers, his girlfriend very much like this gift, and promised to always wear this ring. Editor: Chen Chen SN225相关的主题文章: