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Foreign media: Turpan Karez gradually dried up way of life for thousands of years or disappear – Sohu News Reference News Network September 24 news media said, for thousands of years, farmers in Turpan, Karez nourishes the shepherd and the transcontinental businessman, but now in gradually dried up. Although scientists say global warming glaciers continue to retreat to provide water for the complex irrigation system, but the more urgent threat is soaring demand for water – oil exploitation and industrialization of agricultural production in Turpan basin drained. The "New York Times" website in September 21 journal article said, the peak of this strange journey began in the Tianshan Mountains, glacier melt flows through one of the most arid landform in the world, in the ancient Silk Road in the outlying residential area lush oasis. Under the action of the gravitational potential energy, the pure cold water has completed the whole journey through the underground, through dozens of channels under the surface. Some of these channels are 20 kilometers long and 30 meters deep. They were built in 2000 by the nomadic people who settled down in the west of china. This channel system called "Karez", is an engineering marvel, always let scientists marvel, also make Turpan Uighur full of pride. "Our ancestors were great, they built them with no mechanical tools," the 29 year old Sara Nejmeddin said Giding?. His family grew grapes in Turpan. "Without them, we can’t live in such a harsh place." According to the data released by the government, the region currently only over 200 are using Karez, nearly 1800 in 50s. Every year, there are more than and 10 underground channels dried up. Some have been abandoned because of oil pollution. Eyre, a specialist in hydrology at the University of Texas at the University of agriculture, agricultural research center at home and abroad,, Abdul, hand dug in the hands of the channel of the Turpan. He said that the threat to the disappearance of Karez hardships is a way of life saved. He pointed out that Turpan is located in one of the hottest areas in the world: dry basin, the surface of the river, the annual rainfall less than half an inch (1 inches or about 2.54 cm). "Karez is a symbol of our civilization," Abdul said. Not long ago, he was working at the Xinjiang Institute of water resources and hydropower. "We have a lot to do with this." The water has helped feed 500 thousand of the region’s population, and has ensured that Turpan’s family farms can grow thousands of years to create a local crop. Here almost every family has a grape, rural area is full of mud brick barn tall, grapes will become raisins in it. The 32 year old mijiti? Visitors with Malaysia salu Ding to a gray soil on the ground, to enter through a narrow channel bend. He recalls, when I was young, the whole community will spring out and clear Karez, buckets to block the flow of sediment scouring. "Every household will have a young adult. But now it’s hard to get people to work for free, "he said. The article said that the Chinese government recognized the threat of Turpan karezes, close-up相关的主题文章: