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Before the Lakers Bowmaster recovery is expected to gratifying to return in November exclusive: Meeks back to Los Angeles with a lot: miss in the days of Tencent sports news September 20th according to the American news media, this summer the Orlando magic lineup change is not small, yibaka, Bi Yongbo joined the Orlando Titans inside that is expected to hit good achievement in the new season, and as the team outside of the vanguard, Jordi Meeks is expected to return in November, this is undoubtedly a great supplement for the magic. Meeks is expected to return to the regular season 2015-16 season in November, the effectiveness of the Detroit pistons, Jordi – because of injury, only played 3 games, the game played for 14.3 minutes, can contribute to 7.3 points, 1.7 rebounds and 1 assists. This summer, Meeks underwent surgery, and further consolidate its fifth metatarsal in his right foot. However, from the current situation, Jordi – Meeks’s recovery is quite good. Orlando magic in June this year, with the Detroit pistons completed a deal, they sent a conditional second round draft pick, got the – – Meeks, when the physical examination was passed by the president of the United States, at the time of the adoption of the physical examination of the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States. In the end of the year, mr.. The 29 year old Jordi Meeks when it comes to play in the 2012-2014, for two consecutive years, Meeks played for the Losangeles Lakers, especially in the 2013-2014 season, Meeks averaged 15.7 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.8 assists, played his best season since the occupation career. As a perimeter pioneer, Jordi Meeks not only the physical quality is good, the three ball is the head, occupation career so far, Meeks’s three pointer hit rate reached 37.3%. It is worth mentioning is that the new season will be Meeks’s contract, Meeks had signed 3 year $18 million 810 thousand contract will expire in the summer of next year, I believe the former Lakers sharpshooter also hope to be able to play a good level in the new season, get a big contract in the summer of next year. This summer, the Orlando magic in terms of personnel changes is not small, yibaka, reinforcing the team’s billom Bo inside, and Geoff – Green to join, let the magic ability in sports flanking the surge, faces with Aaron Fournier, Gordon, Vecchi, Payton, Wu cut last season, the magic from experience and strength, have a certain competitiveness in the East, if Meeks can catch a comeback in the beginning of the season, is also a great help for the magic outside. (knife sister) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: