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Web-Hosting Anything free is alluring; so is the case with free web hosting. Free web hosting is growing in popularity with every passing day. With the tremendous growth of online market, there have sprung many .panies that are offering free hosting contents. Question however .es into mind that what incentive do these .panies have in offering this free hosting service? Answer lies in advertising. By advertising at their will, these .panies are not only bearing the costs of free hosting service, but also earning profits. It is the advertising that has made it a profitable venture. It is tempting enough to opt for free hosting for many .panies seeking to minimize expenditures. But this opting for free services has not .e without any cost. It has often turned into a worthless rather disgusting experience for more than one reason. In the beginning, .panies that were offering free web hosting services did not have satisfying technical customer support. Although they did not cost the customer anything in money, they actually did cost them a lot in other terms. They often exhaust you mentally and prove to be a teasing factor when at any time your free service provider lets you down by going offline. It even frustrating when you can"t find it online for even weeks. This causes sizeable loss of time and money. In addition to this loss, it created an essentially bad image on the mind of the visitors. Another considerable problem with these free web hosting service providers was that customers did not have any control over the advertising contents published on their websites. Server owners often put excessive ads on the websites that were sometimes quite irrelevant to the website contents and nature. It was quite disturbing for the visitors and covered a lot of space as well. As a result of which, they were forced to opt for some other well managed sites. A sub domain name was another problematic thing that was tagged to the website name. This sub domain name was an impediment in getting that website in search on a search engine. This is especially annoying and disastrous for .mercial website if they can"t get searched on a search engine. But these problems attached with these free hosting services providers have been mitigated to considerable extent now. Best web hosting service providers have grown in numbers by a great deal. Now you have thousands of free service providers to choose from that makes it easy for the clients to choose the best available keeping in view their requirements. Many of these free web hosting .panies are now offering highly skilled services like PHP support and My SQL. These are supplemented with bandwidth and increased storage. Still some other .panies are offering the facility of choosing their own domain names to clients by providing the cPanel facility. Keeping all this in view, free web hosting is a viable option for those .panies or individuals having non-.mercial motives. However it is equally feasible for those .panies that have a very tight budget and don"t have much to spare for hosting services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: