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Food-and-Drink Today’s world is a bit unpredictable; consumers have seen many different emergency situations where food and water was at a premium. Freeze dried survival food can be stored for over 30 years and remain unspoiled not only for the nutrient value but also retains its texture, smell and taste. Preparation ahead of emergencies can permits a family to wait out a disaster in relative without worries. Many people realize that things do not always go as planned and have a years worth of non perishable food stored for just such emergencies as Katrina. Also it’s suggested that you increase your protein during times of stress such as emergency food limitation. There are many .panies that are now selling freeze dried survival food that is packed to last. Although you can discover individual freeze dried survival food, most of the individual packages which can be found at sports shop does not have the shelf life of survival prepared foods. Also it’s suggested that you increase your protein during times of stress such as emergency food limitation. This means that the food inside is actually protected longer. Cans and packaging eventually deteriorates due to oxygen, moisture and of course pollution. So if you are looking for survival food you’ll want the type that is packaged for longevity. As a matter of fact, certain foods have been tested for nutrient value and freshness for over 33 years. The body’s need for protein is increased, and you’ll find that you are hungry for beef, chicken, pork, and dairy products trying to fill your body’s need for extra protein. Fortunately, you can find a large variety of freeze dried food packaged to last over 30 years. So along with your freeze dried survival packs you would also require to store water and buy water purifiers. You will find beef patties that can be reconstituted and then cooked just like frozen patties, also, chicken that just needs hot water. Remember when storing for emergency survival that you will need to store enough water for drinking and washing as well as for reconstituting the food. There are a lot of .panies which are now merchandising. They do not have a way of storing water indefinitely and you will need water purification chemicals such as chlorine bleach or iodine. You may also want to purchase a carbon filter block to help filter water during possible contamination periods. Copyright (c) 2010 Adam Rise About the Author: 相关的主题文章: