Fujian destroyed large inter provincial drug gangs seized crack and 15.3 kg – Beijing liuxiaobo

Fujian destroyed large inter provincial drug gangs seized 15.3 kilograms of ketamine – Beijing Beijing in Fuzhou on 27 March, (Lin Ling) 27, reporters from the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed that, after nearly six months of careful investigation and trace, the Council successfully destroyed a large inter provincial drug gangs, arresting 5 suspects and seized 15.3 kilograms of drugs K powder. Police said, in September last year, the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics detachment found in the work, a nickname called "a" man, long-term purchases from abroad after drug trafficking in Fuzhou, and each time the number of drug-related in kg. Fuzhou narcotics control detachment set up a special team to investigate the case. In further investigation, the police identified the main suspect "the gang a" real name called Weng, often together with others, temporary rental car to Guangdong to buy drugs, drug sales process concealment, speed dispersion. In order not to act rashly and alert the enemy, the police task force "bait", on suspect trends, to renzangjuhuo. This March 24th morning, the task force was Xiweng a remittance to Guangdong home to buy drugs, and hire new cars to transport drugs. The ad hoc group that the time is ripe to close the net, the foothold of Weng quickly organized police force and its allies dispatched. 13 pm the same day, police decisive attack, successfully captured a drug delivery point to Weng possession in the urban area of Fuzhou District, and seized 15.3 kilograms of drugs K powder. Subsequently, the police in Jinan District of Fuzhou City, follow up a victory with hot pursuit, a building, a concert at the arrested Co Yumou 3 suspects, another group of police in Guangdong arrested the suspect Wie Huizhou line. At present, 5 suspects, such as Weng, have been under criminal detention for suspected drug trafficking, and the whole case is under further investigation. (end)

福建摧毁特大跨省贩毒团伙 查获K粉15.3千克-中新网   中新网福州3月27日电 (林玲)27日,记者从福州市公安局获悉,经近半年的缜密侦查和循线追踪,该局成功摧毁一个特大跨省贩毒团伙,抓获犯罪嫌疑人5名,缴获毒品K粉15.3千克。   警方称,去年9月,福州市公安局禁毒支队在工作中发现,一名绰号叫“阿平”的男子,长期从外地购进毒品后在福州贩卖,且每次涉毒数量均在千克以上。福州禁毒支队迅速成立专案组,对该案立案侦查。   在进一步的调查取证中,民警查明该团伙的主要犯罪嫌疑人“阿平”的真实姓名叫翁某,其经常伙同他人临时租车前往广东购买毒品,毒品销售过程隐蔽、分散速度快。为了不打草惊蛇,专案组民警“放长线钓大鱼”,紧盯嫌疑人动向,伺机人赃俱获。   今年3月24日凌晨,专案组获悉翁某又向广东上家汇款购买毒品,并租用新的轿车,前往运毒。专案组认为收网时机成熟,迅速组织警力对翁某及其同伙的落脚点进行布控。   当日13时许,民警果断出击,在福州市区某小区成功抓获运送毒品回藏毒点的翁某,当场查获毒品K粉15.3千克。随后,民警又乘胜追击,在福州市晋安区某民房、某音乐会所等处抓获同案的余某等3名犯罪嫌疑人,另一组民警在广东惠州抓获上线嫌疑人魏某。   目前,翁某等5名犯罪嫌疑人均因涉嫌贩卖毒品被依法刑事拘留,全案正在进一步侦办中。(完)相关的主题文章: