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Stay-at-home mom children nutrition breakfast diary 9.26 (iron, VC) – Sohu maternal mother seedling nagging: Thank you for reading my words, although I do not have the exquisite tableware, not rhetoric, often Tucao breakfast "Yan value is low, but I still keep a record of the state, because of this is my real life, I do not cater to the who, just an ordinary breakfast records of the family of three, I want to convey the idea of not wobble or other, but collocation and nutrition, also hope to bring inspiration to more families; a ground gas child is my nutritionist at the beginning of the heart, but I still want to say, nutrition is not the ultimate goal of happiness is a happy day, starting with breakfast, the whole family together to eat comfortable breakfast is my understanding of the most simple happiness ~ iron breakfast collocation Today breakfast content (September 26, 2016): double color Steamed Buns staple dishes: beef with pepper pumpkin porridge: rice paste and other red dates: pumpkin seeds + orange edible number: 2 adults and 1 children aged 5; time: 30 minutes making process: the early first hit the rice paste, then sliced beef marinated, then steamed Steamed Buns (weekend ahead steamed), cut vegetables, fried vegetables; all kinds of food on the table for ~ [recommended] this package for nutrition collocation key ingredients of beef, pepper, pumpkin, red dates, oats, purple sweet potato, orange; beef is a good source of iron, rich in heme iron absorption and utilization. Not affected by phytic acid, can effectively prevent the baby anemia, iron supplementation is especially important for women and children, the parents Must pay attention to iron supplement, I usually will do a special weekend meal iron meal, the whole family to eat, "5 year old Miao Xiaoniu share iron nutrition lunch (Miao Ma)", this article you can also take a look at today’s breakfast; pepper and oranges are all VC rich ingredients, can effectively promote iron absorption and utilization and when iron intake of VC rich food is very important, at the same time, pumpkin, purple sweet potato, millet these ingredients are rich in vitamin B, to promote the absorption of iron has synergistic effect; therefore, this meal is not only nutritional breakfast, and a iron meal; 1 beef with pepper on GM: friends a circle to share breakfast, most of the message received is asked, pepper is not genetically modified? The pepper is not genetically modified, I can only say that I now have data to prove that it is not, you can look up the number of reliable science, because I am not the professionals, there is no authoritative science; science teacher Fan Zhihong I love most, we can see, although she did not explicitly say pepper, but she shows. 1 of China’s Vegetable & Fruit only transgenic papaya; but if you still care, can be replaced with ordinary green peppers, VC content is as high as; raw material: beef, Beef Pepper: the night before I get from the freezer refrigerator defrost, pepper wash before going to bed on the fresh-keeping bag; the second day morning, beef slices after, add a little salt, soy sauce, starch marinated for 10 minutes; pepper slices; pot heat oil, fry beef stir fry, add a little water, cook 5-6!相关的主题文章: