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G20   conference held soon; the shift of economic power to accelerate the growth of new country — Finance — people.com.cn (G20) in the group of twenty leaders of the eleventh summit will be held in Hangzhou, Chinese economy has attracted worldwide attention once again. At present, China’s economy is in the shift period of growth, the new impetus to accelerate the cultivation, to create a new engine of sustained economic growth. The industrial structure transformation and upgrading, continue to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation and supply side reform policies and measures, China economy has gradually stabilized upward trend. The rapid growth of the new power in the old and new power is the highlight of China’s economic restructuring, the old and new power is accelerating switching. New industries, new technologies, new formats, new products, new services to maintain rapid growth. At the same time, China’s industrial level to the high-end steady progress, in July the added value of high-tech industries grew by 12.2% last month to speed up by 0.6 percentage points, industrial technology innovation is accelerating. In 2025, China manufacturing Internet plus, "public entrepreneurship, innovation" policy under the guidance of the development of high-tech industry to obtain a good environment and conditions. July new energy vehicle production increased by 61.8%, especially in electronic products, electronic products, environmental protection products, aerospace products, robots and other new products continue to maintain a rapid growth rate. The world’s first quantum science experimental satellite "Mo-tse" the successful launch of China marks in the field of quantum communication technology first started. As China has a complete independent intellectual property rights of the world’s first batch of demonstration projects, "Hualong one" landing in the United Kingdom to achieve China’s nuclear power from large to strong transformation and sublimation. Rapid development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, a number of high-end equipment to achieve a major breakthrough. New impetus to accelerate the development of the new economy, the rapid development of a large number of new jobs. In the first half, the employment situation is generally stable, the national urban employment 7 million 170 thousand people, to complete the annual target task of 71.7%. At the end of the two quarter, the national urban registered unemployment rate was 4.05%, remained at a low level. From the point of view of innovation, in the 2016 global innovation index report, China became the first GII in the top 25 middle-income economies, this group is usually composed of high-income economies. China has risen to seventeenth place in the rankings this year, narrowing the gap with the high-income economy, and is the only middle income country with the same quality of innovation. National Development and Reform Commission deputy director Lin Nian Xiu said, overall, China is still in the golden period of entrepreneurship and innovation, showing a trend of a "six increase". Practice shows that "public entrepreneurship, innovation has become an important carrier of the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, an important measure to promote the supply side structural reform, foster new growth momentum, an important driving force of the new economy. Policies and measures to protect China’s current economic shift in the process of economic growth model is changing. China International Economic Exchange Center, said Wang Jun, director of macroeconomic research department, from a global point of view, are facing a long-term stagnation of the dilemma, are trying to find new impetus. Need to firmly grasp the principle that the market has the right to decide through相关的主题文章: