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Jiangxi Ganzhou public security for overseas Chinese telecom fraud case – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Nanchang, September 20 (reporter Gao Haoliang) reporter from Jiangxi Province, Ganzhou City Public Security Bureau, Ganzhou city public security organs, successfully cracked dens, established in the domestic implementation of telecommunications network fraud against overseas Chinese telecom fraud case, arrested 110 gang members. In August 5, 2016, Ganzhou City Public Security Bureau police detachment received a report, said the study in the city of Melbourne Australia Jiangsu Nanjing Wang in the WeChat chat, be a man and a woman to rescue the girl slipped on the grounds, cheat 240 thousand yuan. After receiving the report, Ganzhou City Public Security Bureau police detachment immediately in conjunction with the Public Security Bureau of the relevant districts and counties to carry out preliminary investigation, lock related suspects, and investigation in August 12th. The police investigation found that since August 2015, the suspect liaomou was born in 1990 in Jiangxi Fuzhou rented houses, gathered in Guizhou, Guangxi, the establishment of personnel fraud dens, the boss and leader, "keyboard" three class step by step, the Commission responsible for grading operation mode, and take the installation of WeChat positioning software, the login address is set to mode 3 hours, the relative concentration of the Chinese Australian city the time difference with China only the implementation of fraud. According to reports, the gang crime will be changed to WeChat head damsel network download, once the nearby people add friends, with overseas Chinese female student chat in Australia, and asked the victim to buy 200 – $500 Alipay prepaid card or to the supermarket to buy a prepaid card prepaid as piaozi, to be the victim was found to be deceived immediately, the blacklist cut off contact. The morning of September 7th, Ganzhou City, more than 200 elite police force and 3 working groups to Liaoning Shenyang, Guangxi Hezhou and Shanghai, with the support of the local police, in 3 counties of Ganzhou, Jiangxi Fuzhou, Liaoning Shenyang, Guangxi Hezhou, Shanghai, Minhang District and other four provinces (city) seven counties (city) at the same time. A total of 14 fraud dens destroyed, Taobao fence dens 4, captured by liaomou Gang headed 110 members. Currently, the gang members have been taken criminal coercive measures according to law, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: