Gao Shengyuan and Xun Zhou get married more than a few days to prepare for his wife’s birthday surpr-w32dasm

Gao Shengyuan and Xun Zhou married together from many will prepare a birthday surprise – Beijing, Beijing, October 8, according to the "Taiwan times" reported China for his wife, actress Xun Zhou in 2014 first came lightning public and Chinese American actor who played the U.S. drama, "CSI" Gao Shengyuan contacts, two months after the wedding dress at the charity gala the official, and Gao Shengyuan get married. Two people get married for more than two years for both for the busy, no time to pregnancy, the number of transferred marriages. Gao Shengyuan, 6, attended the event to clarify the relationship between husband and wife is still sweet, free to talk about the phone will be linked to feelings, do not worry about the distance. Gao Shengyuan, 6, appeared in a fashion event, was asked to marry with the state of Xun Zhou, bluntly, the two are still quite happy. A few days is the birthday of Xun Zhou, Gao Shengyuan indirectly admitted will prepare a surprise, but English said is "secret", will send the wife what does not relent. Xun Zhou and Gao Shengyuan since marriage, mostly from less than, the media curious how to maintain feelings of two people? Gao Shengyuan said the technology is very convenient, two people will have time to talk on the phone exchange situation, do not worry about the emotional change, looking forward to the outside world are actors and the couple will have the opportunity to cooperate, the High Holy responded: "no one knows what will happen in the future, I am open."相关的主题文章: